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What Can I Make With Free Paint Sticks?

Paint Sticks…there are so many beautiful pieces you can make for your home using these. If you have been following my projects you’ll remember I made this pretty Sunburst Mirror


Then I made Paint Storage for my craft paints:


This is a cute Jewelry Holder I made for a little friend:


Then I made this Monogram Succulent Holder:succulent-monogram-crafts-flowers-gardening-3

So I put together some other ideas I found over the internet using paint sticks, aren’t these pretty…


These Paint Stick Letters are so awesome!


Paint Sticks aren’t just for inside the home…here are some planters made with them:

And here are some planters for inside the home…

With Christmas just around the corner…here is a adorable Christmas Tree made from Paint Sticks..


And how about taking apart a shade and lining the outside with Paint Sticks..


There are so many more projects out there using the sticks…I hope I have inspired you to create one…if so..send me a pic!



49 thoughts on “What Can I Make With Free Paint Sticks?”

      1. I always have so much going it seems I can only get in a minimum amount. Now I am doing Halloween cards and birthday and wedding. I want to do something fall for myself. I usually do colored pumpkins, I do not know yet.

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      2. You are so welcome honey! That is why I started this blog. To show others what they can do too! Just put your ‘Creators Cap’ on and get crafting! If you have ANY questions, just ask, I love answering…hopefully with the right answers..heehee…just kidding. You can do it!!!

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