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Medicine Cabinet Fix

Do you have droopy shelves inside your medicine cabinet? I found a good fix for that.medicine-cabinet-fix-bathroom-ideas-organizing

Mine are made of plastic, and they droop something awful. I can’t put anything with weight on top of them.
Well I was adding contact paper to the inside back of my medicine cabinet. I was trying to think of a way of keeping them from drooping in the center. Then I got a idea….good ole paint sticks…the small ones. I took 4 paint sticks, one for each shelf. I wrapped it with the same contact paper I used on the back. I then hot glued them to the bottom of each shelf…it looks great…and is so nice to be able to put whatever I want on the shelves.
It’s hard to tell in the pic, but you don’t notice the paint sticks.
I sure hope this helps some of you…I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is being able to put anything in there now and not worry about the weight. It also looks pretty, and makes me smile….I love this…and again, paint sticks! Don’t you love them. So many uses.

I had some pretty contact paper that matched the bathroom colors….so…I put it up in the background


But I didn’t stop there…..I also added the paper to the inside door. I added some small magnets to hold little recipes for sore throat, etc. No more keeping it on the door of my pantry!


What a cute way to leave little love notes to your spouse!



9 thoughts on “Medicine Cabinet Fix”

    1. Those plastic shelves were so bowed. I keep my little notes inside the door ….helps me not to forget! Thank you so much for looking…..and don’t work too hard! ❤️️☺️


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