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Re purposing Kitchen Items

You know how I love to repurpose items, I just can’t help myself. I love to find discarded items and make them into something new.  You can say I do my part to keep discarded items out of landfills. Well I put together some wonderfully creative projects with items you have/had in your kitchen. So here goes, enjoy!

Tin Art


For this project you can get together all your old serving plates, etc and create a beautiful reflective wall.  At the Dollar Tree, you can pick up beautiful serving plates and dishes in a bright silver that look expensive, but only $1.

Spoon Hangers


Spoons can be bent into beautiful hangers for your hanging plants. You can do this with spoons of any size, although I would base the size of the spoon on the size of the plant that you are hanging. You don’t want a heavy plant on an old teaspoon. Those vintage silver serving spoons would be perfect for this and will add such beauty to your porch or garden area. Just bend the spoon and then screw to a solid surface and you’re all done. Check garage sales, thrift stores, and even the Dollar Tree for silverware.

Bent Fork Easel


While your on the lookout for spoons, grab some forks too! You can turn old silver forks into beautiful easels to display your favorite photos and artwork. These are better for smaller frames, unless of course you have a huge metal fork that you want to use. You just have to bend the tines to hold the frame and that’s about it. This would be a beautiful way to display family photos in the dining room and the easels only take a few minutes to create.

Ladle Tea Light


Just like you can bend a spoon to hang a plant, you can bend a vintage ladle and turn it into a beautiful tealight candle holder. Or, if you prefer, you can leave the ladle intact and just secure it to a wood plank or other solid surface. These make beautiful sconces when they’re attached to wood and will instantly add that great rustic look to any room.

Vintage Mason Jar Lamp

5-jar-lamps-diyncrafts-com (1).jpg

This is something like I showed you in the tutorial here…  just a few days ago. You know how much I love mason jar projects. Decorative jars are great for this project so if you have a stash of old jelly jars that are quart sized, you can use those to make a beautiful light for your kitchen or breakfast nook. There’s not a lot of technical or electrical work required, either.

Cake Stand Re purposed


Once again, if you don’t have a goblet or a extra plate….check out the Dollar Tree. Remember those Glass Gem Candle holders?  Once again, all it took was a trip to the Dollar Tree. Use a strong glue like E6000, Goop, or Gorilla glue.

Message Center


The serving plate is from the Dollar Tree. An old serving tray can be turned into a beautiful chalkboard message center with just a little paint and a few minutes of your time. This would be perfect for keeping shopping lists or appointments handy. Just spray the tray – the center of the tray – with chalkboard paint and you can even stencil in a calendar base or a things to do list.

Pencil Holder


This  grater  would also look good on a wall in your kitchen displaying all your retro items. Or you can use for a earring holder. Spray paint and add your earrings through the holes:


Recipe Card Holders


This is so easy to do. Just glue a clothespin to the back of a vintage utensil. I have a potato masher just like that….good idea Sadie!

Rustic Mug Organizer


I just love this idea….Those old enamel mugs – if you’re lucky enough to have a few on hand – can be turned into an adorable organizer that fits in perfectly with a farmhouse theme. Just drill a hole in each mug and use the hole to affix the mug to a plank or old board. Then, you can use the mugs themselves to organize and store any number of things from soap in the bathroom to craft supplies or even table linens.

Repurposed Funnels


Isn’t this a idea! If you have one too, you can turn that funnel into a great candle holder that has a wonderful vintage farmhouse look to it. You just turn the funnel upside down and put a taper candle in the opening. How easy is that? You could go all out if you wanted and add some twine or burlap to really give it a great farmhouse look.

Tablet Holder


You can turn an old wooden cutting board into an adorable holder for your tablet or iPad. If you tend to look up recipes on your tablet – like I do – you know how desperately you need a holder to keep the tablet upright while you cook. Take that old cutting board and turn it into a great holder for that tablet by just adding two tiny little boards. This would also be great to hold smaller recipe books.

Muffin Tin Organizer


You could also use ice cube trays!

Pots and Pans Fairy Garden


Key Hooks


You can also turn silverware into these wonderful hooks for holding keys and all sorts of other things. You’ll need a block of wood for each hook that you want to create and then as many spoons and forks as you want to use. Just bend the silverware up a bit and then use Gorilla glue to hold them into place. These are perfect for keeping your keys where you can always find them or they would also make nice jacket hooks.

Garden Markers


These would be perfect for your herb garden or you can use them it your larger vegetable garden if you prefer. I love the idea of drawing out the herb or flower in question and then using adhesive to stick it to the spoon but you could do this in any number of different ways. However you mark them, these spoons are going to be a beautiful addition to your garden.

Rolling Pin Rack


I love this one….Farmhouse style. Old rolling pins were cut in half to create these really unique and very farmhouse looking rack. You could use this to hang up your aprons or even as a coat rack inside the kitchen – if your back door is in the kitchen, that is.

Colander Light


Turn an old metal colander into a wonderful light for the kitchen. This would be a great way to get a little additional lighting on a counter space or you could use it to hang above your kitchen table. It’s a relatively easy project, too. You just have to drill a hole in the bottom of the colander and then add a lighting fixture kit. This is a wonderful way to add some vintage farmhouse charm to the kitchen.

Succulent Tea Cups


I know you have seen these all over the internet but I just love this idea. Be sure to add small pebbles under the soil so succulents won’t sit in water.

Well there you have it! Have I inspired you just a little???? I’m inspired!! Remember  you can purchase everything on line and have it delivered to your nearest store for free. Or it can be all shipped to your home for $4.95… stock up on your home and craft supplies.


34 thoughts on “Re purposing Kitchen Items”

  1. Well, I hate to say it but all excess dished and kitchen utensils have been donated… No more extras. (I’m gonna cry, no… I’m not.) I LOVE those mason jar lights. I’m keeping my mason jars! At least the green ones. I put fairy lights in those for summer outdoor lighting, and you can drink out of them! Dual purpose!!! (Everything has to have a dual purpose now.) The RV life… 🙂

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    1. I love those spoon hangers too . I was at Ross’ yesterday, and saw these giant spoons and forks in silver. What a coincidence. I was with a friend and we were trying to figure out if we could bend them. haha ❤️️🐱❤️️

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  2. The link posted to the mason jar lamps did not work…I think that project looks amazing. Could you check into this?

    The other projects were so inspiring. I loved in particular the use of bend spoons for hooks. It seems like some spoons would be too hardened to bend easily. Do you use tools to bend these or just your hands…?

    Many thanks for your blog!



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