Luck Of The Irish

Hi everyone! Is there any Irish in you? I have a lot of Irish in me, so I thought I would do a really easy craft that all of you could do. This is all you need:

  1. Empty Can
  2.  2-3 Colors of Green Glitter
  3.  Modge Podge
  4.  Sharpie
  5. Rustoleum Gold Paint
  6.  Flowers
  7. Craft paint (light green)
  8. Half round styrofoam piece

At the bottom of this post I will show the items I purchased.

I started by painting the can gold.DSCN4575.JPG

Isn’t that Gold pretty!!! Let it dry completely. Then with a Sharpie…draw a clover..


Then pour a little bit of the mod podge into a small dish . If you have any round pouncers you can use them to dip into the mod podge, then apply all around and inside of the clover. If you don’t have any, just use a small craft paint brush.Then add your first layer of glitter.


I used the darker color first. DSCN4580

After the clover was completely covered, I covered it again with mod podge. DSCN4582 (2).JPG

I then used the second glitter….a brighter green….covered that green with mod podge, then added the third…..these are the greens I used:DSCN4585

I happened to have these emerald color teardrop pieces…I put at the bottom of the clover..

DSCN4584 (2)

This is a bad pic…but…you can see how I traced around the clover with a green patio paint:

DSCN4589 (2)

I then cut the styrofoam piece around it’s edges so it would fit inside the can. I then placed some flower inside. (I forgot to mention. I drew another top of a clover on the bottom rim of the can….I was going to paint ….’Luck of the Irish’, but I it got so messed up)I happened to have these emerald color teardrop pieces…I put at the bottom of the clover..


I placed the flowers inside and used some sphagnum moss as a filler.

DSCN4593 (2)

This is what it looks like when your finished:



I hope you like it!








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