Fantastic Rust Remover Update

I want to share with all of you a really awesome product. Now you know I don’t usually do any reviews for products. This is no exception. I was given this product to try. I just happen to really like it!!!!

I inherited 2 white outdoor chairs . They rock and will be perfect for my front patio. But first, before I paint them, I needed to remove the rust . This is what they looked like


The feet were worse…

DSCN4671 1.JPG

This product comes in a spray bottle. You spray it on, and watch the rust dissolve right before your eyes! After 10 minutes, if the rust didn’t go away completely, you spray again. No scrubbing at all on these chairs. Look at the difference:

The arms:

The back:

Isn’t that awesome! But if you know me, I am very skeptical so I decided to try on some of my garden tools.


My trusty shovel…..this is what it looks like when the product is dissolving the rust:


I just sprayed the two shovels and two clippers once. The straight edged shovel was so crusty….on really crusty items like this…it’s best to take a wire brush to it first…then spray with this. Look how well everything came out with one spray…


I can see the gold on the clippers again….My trusty shovel is looking great. The other shovel needs just a little brushing with a wire brush, then spray again. You can see what was left on that shovel…I wish I took a before picture.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the product when your done. If not, your new paint will brush right off.

Did I tell you I found the shovel underground when I was laying the patio pavers…no wonder it was so rusty.

So the product I used was this:


…and the best part is you can purchase this for under $6 at Walmart! This is a new product that isn’t out everywhere yet.It removes rust from aluminum,chrome, galvanized surface, iron, and steel. Doesn’t harm your hands, or concrete when spraying. Protects Bare Metal Up to 12 months.

This is what it looks like now!!!!


I am no longer going to discard any rusty tools, etc that I see at garage sales!!!

I am still working on the chairs….



Also, this is the stock # of the product….Walmart #: 557667487 USA, LLC


102 thoughts on “Fantastic Rust Remover Update”

    1. I did too! I have to kick myself that I didn’t pick up items with rust. I looked around outside and found so many things that were rusty. Lawnmowers, my firepit, just so many things you can use this on.

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      1. Call your local Walmart first before you go to make sure they have it in the store, and not just online. If it’s in the store, you’ll save on shipping.It cleans any iron, metal, aluminum without scrubbing….If it has a thick layer of rust on it…my flat edge shovel did, you need to take a wire brush to it first. Once it’s a little scrapped up, spray. wait 15 minutes…if not gone…spray again.Then you just rinse the globby stuff off with your hose.I have passed up many unique items in my lifetime that I passed on, because of the rust…Technology!!!


    1. It’s great stuff. Call your store and see if they have it in stock first. They may only sell online, I don’t know. But if in store , you save on the shipping. I only used 1/3 of the container, to clean all that stuff.


    1. Phosphonic acid is in it. I have very sensitive skin and it didn’t harm my hands. Causes eye burns…so don’t rub your eyes when it’s on your gloves or hands, and don’t spray yourself in the face! I am so happy I was able to clean all my garden tools, the chairs, and a old saw. It’s great to keep on hand. I used it outside on everything.

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      1. I have such allergies and sensitive skin…can only use free and clear detergents, etc. It didn’t do anything to my hands. Or the concrete.I hear you on that toxic stuff.

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      2. I’ve been getting shots for allergies now for a year an a half. It used to be so bad with the sinus infections, etc. I am allergic to my doggie. That is when I finally saw the RIGHT doctor. Now, my doggie lies next to me every night…no problems.Truly grateful. I am still allergic to perfumes, pretty smelling shampoo, body wash, all that stuff. Which was really hard to change at first…but I have learned to work around the perfume.

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      3. You got it bad. Glad the doggie problem got sorted! Esssential oils make a good perfume substitute as long as you use ones that are 100% pure.

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    1. Oh yes, it cleaned the rust off the chair legs, and arms in like 3 minutes. They say to leave it on 10-15 minutes. It’s a gel….it takes at least 15 minutes to dry. If you can, remove the screen doors. To be sure it gets in all the nooks and crannies of the screen I would spray on…then take a brush or cloth and rub it in just a little to get in between the screens little holes. I did that with the chair backs because they had a open pattern and i realized i was wasting a lot of product trying to get in between. When you wiped it in…turn over and do the other side same way. The first side will most likely be ready to rinse off….but wait till the other side had time….you will see the rust dissolve…(see pic of the shovel) Rinse off with the hose. Rinse off any surfaces that has any of the stuff on it.Please send me a before and after pic. If you don’t know how to remove the screen, let me know, I will help you!


      1. I went to sleep last night thinking of all the things I can use it on. Like the swamp cooler that goes in my sons window. I’m going to see if the pressure washer will get the loose paint off before I try the spray. I’ll take the lazy way if that doesn’t work then I’ll try the brush. and I have a pair of pruning sheers that are orange with rust.

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      2. Your pressure washer should take off the loose paint. If the surface afterwards isn’t even….sand a little to even the paint. Spray with this stuff, watch the rust go away. I looked at Amazon…they don’t carry it yet. It’s a new product. Walmart online states they only have 5 left.My pruning sheers look like new! Amazing cleaning on those. If anytime you have a question…send me a photo so I can see better what your talking about! Thank you honey…I am sure you will find so many things outside that need attention too. Now if you find a rusty item at a garage sale or something..grab it..get them down on price because of rust…then clean spray away!!!


      3. So I went to one of my 3 walmarts near me and they didn’t have it. so I wanted to ask what area of the store was it in? I thought it would be in the paint department but it wasn’t. I asked there and the guy looked in 3 different places and then said maybe try at the as seen on tv section at the front of the store it wasn’t there either.

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      4. The link you sent me says I can pick it up today. Like I said we have 3 walmarts I just went to the wrong one. LOL I won’t make it today I’m tired from painting my kitchen, tomorrow I’ll do the second coat so maybe Wednesday I’ll make it there.

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      5. Oh yes I did the cabinets too, I think it was before christmas I did that salt wash paint stuff. not thick like the directions say I didn’t have enough but I did get an interesting distressed look. I wasn’t entirely happy but with as much as it cost (that salt is expensive LOL) it has grown on me and I really like it now. I dug the grout out of the counter a few years ago and replaced it with gray.

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      1. I think that you are much more artistic than I am, but in my eye, stripes will clash with florals, so I would accent the florals in the same black with maybe a dot of a different color in the middle of each flower. I tend to be dramatic, so I would go with a red dot, but the contrast might be too much for the ambiance.

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      2. Thank you so much for your input! I am going to ‘sit’ on it for a while….till idea strikes. You are very artistic! Look at all your fabulous recipes honey! Wow! And your stories…love them.

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      3. I always think positive, darling, but I also assess my strengths and weaknesses. I can draw because I was taught in middle school – it was mandatory. I was never taught to work with colors, and I have never been allowed to do anything with my hands other than to practice piano for fear of injuring them (the hands, not the piano). Hey, you have your talents, I have mine, and we complement each other perfectly!

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      4. To quote our local celebrity Dave Barry, “As close to the United States as possible without actually living there” – South Beach, the playground of the rich, almost Cuba!


  1. Ah! Just the thing I have been looking for. My clothes washer is starting to rust in spots. Killing me after only 5 years!!! I will give it a try!! Thanks!


    1. Oh No!!! That is terrible, and really strange.I know rust and iron deposits breaking loose within water pipes or water heaters will cause the rust. If the rust is in the basket (drum) of the machine, it will likely need to be replaced. Take everything out of the washing machine.
      Soak a sponge with white vinegar. Use the sponge to scrub the rust spots from inside the tub.Wipe down the tub with a rag and warm water to remove any residue.Set the washer to the hottest water setting and the largest load setting if there is still rust present. Add 2 cups of lemon juice to the washer and run a complete wash cycle. Wipe out the inside of the tub with a wet rag once the cycle is finished. If this doesn’t work use the Rust remover.Be sure to run the washer afterwards in the hottest setting to get rid of all the rust remover.


      1. Oh thanks so much for the detailed response!!! Actually, I don’t think I have seen any rust in the drum…cross my fingers;). I will look and if I do I will definitely follow your response. The rust is right around the cup on the side where I put the bleach. When I saw your post I thought it may work. You did that right on the painted outdoor chairs right? It didn’t take any paint off did it?

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