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Buttons, Buttons, Buttons! Updated

Hi there! Recently I had put up a post that had shown a ‘button bowl’. It was made from Mod Podge and a balloon. You loved that idea! I was asked by a few to show more button projects. Most of you were amazed at all the different treasures you could create. So, I added a few more ideas for you, even with my initial. So you’re thinking, where do I get all these buttons?  They are on almost every article of clothing imaginable like shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, jackets, coats, skirts, and even bags, wallets, and purses. You can go online and purchase them by the bulk . You could even purchase wood buttons in bulk, these are so beautiful and inexpensive. So, just to excite you… here are some more crafts you can make with your saved buttons.

First though…I want to show you such a button craft made by Raili Tanska at blog   – Soul Gifts – Telling Tales


Isn’t this the cutest caterpillar! Feet are made from buttons!!!  Love to post your project!









Yes, you could make jewelry with buttons:




























































Has one of these inspired you?? Which are you looking forward to make? Let me know, and please send me a pic when you’re finished! I love seeing your projects. USA, LLC 

18 thoughts on “Buttons, Buttons, Buttons! Updated”

  1. Love all these ideas! The picture of the dress done in buttons is incredible. I like the trees decorated with buttons, my self. I think having a button lampshade would rock. I was surprised by the plant with the decoration buttons! That one caught me off guard. LOVE it.


      1. When I started scrapping, I was so excited! But, I had to go back 30 years and put all my first sons stuff together, that was exhausting. I kept it up to date really great until 4 years ago….I will get back to it…someday! Saying this of course, now I feel guilty. ;(((((

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