Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I am in the middle of painting the cabinets in the family room. On these kitchen cabinets I used the regular paint. No Kit. These were my kitchen cabinets before my remodel. Worn out and dark. Not what I wanted in my kitchen. kitchen cabinet remodel, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painting
I removed all the door fronts…32 of them!
A good tip: I made a rough drawing of the kitchen as to the cabinets. On the paper I numbered each cabinet. Where the hinge was going to be screwed in on back of the door, I put the coordinating number with a marker. This made it sooo easy to remember which cabinet door went where. I removed the hinges since I was replacing. I sanded, a lot of sanding. I then painted the cabinets. I let dry, sanded lightly,then re coated. They still looked plain to me. I wanted to add molding to spruce it up a bit. My neighbor let me borrow his Miter Saw. If I would have done this with a miter box, it would have taken me a lot longer. This was the first time I used a miter saw. It was so easy to make the cuts. I purchased lots of molding. There are so many styles to chose from. I made the cuts, working on one cabinet at a time. I used wood glue to attach the molding. I then followed with finishing nails. I used wood filler to patch the nail holes.
I made mistakes doing the molding…sure…but I finally figured it out.
What a difference new color, molding, and hardware make!
I like them so much better. I’m so proud of myself. It does take a couple of weekends, but the end result was worth it!
If anyone is thinking of doing this and has any questions…feel free to ask me!


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