Trash to Treasure

Drawers Repurposed

If you have been thinking what to do with a old dresser, or the drawers….I have a wonderful treat for you! I have gathered some ideas on the internet that I think will inspire you!

You have a old dresser, you really have no use for. Why not remove the drawers and use them around the house. Here are some ideas for them:

Bathroom Wall Shelving

Paint, add wallpaper to the back. Then make 2 shelves inside the drawer…isn’t this pretty!!!


Book Storage

How about cutting the drawer down in length, painting, and use as storage for books


Pet Bed

79af31b52d6ebe8622950773eff2683d (1).jpg

and thinking of more kitty fun….and I know a lot of you have kitties…


For this next one…purchase some legs at your local home improvement store. Make a topper with a piece of wood that fits on top of your dresser. Add some foam to the wood with glue, then wrap with your fabric…..beautiful!


This next one is one of my favorites! I don’t know if it’s the project or the color! Love that color.


This next one is great for you crafters that paint…..Paint storage!


How about a place to put some of those pillows, or blankets….How cute is this in a childs room to hold the stuff animals or toys. All you need is 4 legs, paint and some contact paper, or wallpaper. I have seen and used this contact paper below in a couple of my projects. Walmart carries it.


This next one is so pretty. This fabulous jewelry display/DIY message center from PlumDoodles uses both a drawer and piece of gutter guard!


This last one is adorable. Make a large curved drawer into a doll house!


I just love all these ideas! Have I sparked a idea in your head??? If you make one of these, be sure to show me…I would love to see!


47 thoughts on “Drawers Repurposed”

    1. Isn’t it an awesome idea Kim! See, here is an idea for you to work your creativity and make it your own. Be sure to check out garage sales for broken up dressers, they practically give them away for hardly nothing.

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    1. I did something similar for a friend. She has a large studio, and wanted space/exercise for her cats . I put shelves/ledges at different heights all along one large wall. Some I added carpet pieces to. She/kitty loved it! She watches her kitty jump from one ledge to another.

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      1. Unfortunately – or fortunately! – I don’t have any walls that are not covered by either furniture or art, and my kitties did not like kitty beds and scratching posts. They prefer to use my couch for both purposes. Little Pyshka effortlessly jumps from the kitchen counter to the top of refrigerator – very athletic!

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      1. Hi Kelley!
        The snow and bitter cold has me housebound and stir crazy. I’ve been rearranging furniture and organizing my life having folded everything in every dresser into tiny squares thanks to the Japanese lady on netflix and now I’m onto rethinking my pantry. Lol

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      2. Look how much your getting done Laura. Now is the time to do some projects…perfect time when your housebound and stir crazy. How about tearing apart an old dresser and rethinking it? ❤️️

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  1. Hii kely!!!
    I love your way of thinking the things. Your vision is innovative. The ideas that you put before us are unique. The idea about of bathroom wall shelving is too good. Also, I like the ideas of book storage, pet bet, paint storage, pillow or blanket holder. This post was really helpful, best of luck! 😊

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