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Calling All You Creative People

Once again I am showing off your creations! I would absolutely LOVE to see YOUR projects, big or small to share with everyone!

Here are some awesome photos of  Kim from You are going to love these:

I recently posted ‘Childs Chair’ Makeover. Kim wrote to tell me they have the chair her husbands mom saved of his. Clever girl Kim, they hung it up! What fabulous memories he must have everytime he see’s it!

thumbnail (2)

Did you notice the lunch box collectibles they have, and the clever way they show them off!

Speaking of Kim hanging a chair….how about his tricycle?

thumbnail (1)

I think that is so amazing! Wonderful of his mom to save these.

So, if you have a something special you want to share, I would love to see it. Big or Small! Just send it to me at

Thank you! I am so excited! I can’t wait to see your projects!



16 thoughts on “Calling All You Creative People”

  1. This is so funny to see my ‘eclectic’ style on your post! I live in a huge old stucco house built in 1907. So, I try to stay with the style of the house. I must admit, my style is not for everyone. I do enjoy my lunch boxes, patio set, and my husband’s chair and trike make me smile! Thanks Kelley! xo~k.

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      1. I think I sent you all my diy projects! I will take pictures from now on! So much I’ve already sold as the hubs and I will be downsizing to an RV full time for a few years… until we retire. We may just be pulling up to your house! 💜😊

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