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Child’s Chair

I remember these chairs from my trips down to Mexico. These were everywhere. Usually they would be painted a bright color....Of course, here in the USA, we pay  much more for these in the stores, and they are still very plain.

This is a fun way to dress up those plain chairs and make them colorful for your child.


Isn’t this cute! If you should find one that is plain without color…..Go crazy, have fun with it!! Just be sure to use non toxic paint!


$4.95 Flat Rate Shipping - 11.7-11.8 


29 thoughts on “Child’s Chair”

  1. My husband has this rocker from when he was a child! Currently, we have it hanging from the ceiling along with his trike in our kitchen. Hanging them at an angle looks cool. I’ve been looking at painting children’s chairs on Pinterest. This is so cute. I do not know if I dare paint it, but the hubby says I should. I bought some plain birdhouses at the dollar store, I am going to start small! HAHA!

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