Congrats to November Monthly Giveaway Updated

The winners were announced for my November monthly giveaway, and I noticed after that a winner from last month won again this month. What I decided to do was add another winner to the November giveaway….Rafflecopter picked….Lana Cole! So congrats to all three winners!!!

Thank you everyone for entering my November Monthly Giveaway! And now….

winners are


bin100candg  and Robin at Haphazard Homemaker!


images (1)


Yay! Congratulations to the winners of my November Monthly Appreciation Giveaway!

My December Giveaway will be the biggest yet, so stay tuned for the post! Once posted, you may enter once each day! Anyone sending in projects they created will receive 2 xtra entries.

Thank you Robin and bin100 for winning this months gifts!




































































images (1)


5 thoughts on “Congrats to November Monthly Giveaway Updated”

  1. I got your email… and when I click reply with my address for you, the email keeps coming back unsendable. So here is my address, please delete off here once you have it. 😊 Thanks so much!
    1699 N Terry St 389
    Eugene, Oregon 97402

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