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I Have an Idea, You Can Help!

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As I was reading my comments a thought came to mind.  So I am just putting this idea out there to see if anyone is interested. There are so many creative people out there. Writers, cooks, philosophers, DIY ers so many creative people.

Some days you come over and take a peek at my projects, but some of you have created your own little projects here and there for your own home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I would love to see these projects, your projects. It could be a centerpiece, wreath, anything you have made. I do have a idea behind this that I won’t disclose now. But first I want your reactions to this..

So let me know in the comments if you would like to participate in this idea. It does get bigger with rewards!

It can be a Thanksgiving decoration, something you created in your garden, anything, anywhere. Perhaps a little storage idea in your kitchen. Perhaps something you did in your bathroom to help organize or make it look prettier. Did you tear apart a pallet? Did you paint a room, or a piece of furniture? Did you upholster or stain or chalkpaint something. Everything and anything you did to makeover or update anything. Did you and the kids work on something special together? Did you come up with a great cleaning idea?

You can use a project you already posted in your own blog!

Don’t be shy! Send in your pics to me at kelleysdiy@gmail.com. I will collect them now until Next Monday. Then wait for the fun to happen!!!!


 Can you guess what kind of project I am starting to work on today???

Clue: Christmas

Friend came over and we played with a new toy! Awesome!!!
Having fun!



34 thoughts on “I Have an Idea, You Can Help!”

    1. I am looking for any and all. You are giving me another idea for this in the future. It doesn’t have to be a Thanksgiving project. It could be something you made in your garden, anything that you created, with or without the kids.

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    2. I am so glad you like it. Read the post at the end…I added an update. I would love to see what you and the kids created together and add it. If there is enough people that enter this…well, I just have to say, it will be awesome!

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