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Adding Bling!

I came across this awesome Bling at Walmart…..I grabbed a couple of packs..I love sparkle and I knew I could come up with some wonderful uses for them.


I have this candle holder in my bedroom, but it really  needed some love. It was black iron work. I started by painting it with a soft white spray paint.(Rust Oleum)


Now for the bling. This package came with 8 rows…..so I cut in half using only 4 rows width. I had some thin elastic thread. (see below)  As I added the rows of bling, I secured the beginning and end section of the bling with hot glue . I then wrapped the elastic thread around the bling to hold in place. This was great. I didn’t have to hot glue the whole thing.

I had lots of this illusion cord left over from the Baby Mobile and other projects….


I added a string of beads with sparkle and 3 crystals hanging from each candle holder.

This is what it looked like after wrapping with the cord.


I’m missing one of the glass cones that you put flowers in. One had broke so I am looking for another vessel to use, so in the meantime, I’m using these glasses. The flowers give the piece some color. It came out too formal. I was even thinking of using a couple of mason jars. I then did some distressing in the rows that have no bling, to give it that shabby chic look.


I just love the sparkle!!!  When the drapes are open and it catches the sun….so pretty! Then I remembered a chandelier I had purchased for $4 at a garage sale, that I hadn’t done anything with….yet. It was the same black iron. I didn’t paint it white like the other. I began wrapping the bling around it as I did the candle holder. I added some crystals I had purchased online…



I wish I could get a good picture of this….it’s in my closet! When I go into my closet now, it looks so pretty, and just makes my heart smile!!!

Try this Bling on something you already have to sparkle it up a bit….ladies…you will love!



14 thoughts on “Adding Bling!”

    1. Thank you robin. I had picked up the bling cheap! It sure adds sparkle….I love sparkle. Another idea I did was to buy one of those cheap door mirrors without a frame. (Walmart) Then center it on top of your long dresser. It adds so much light to the area, and looks pretty.

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