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I was just answering some comments on my blog, and the weather came up, and got me to thinking.

How is your weather?  Is it different, say from a few years ago?

We are having the strangest weather here. It has been humid the whole month of July and now into Aug. I have lived here over 40 years and the weather has never been like this.

…so I thought I would just put my question out there and see if others are experiencing the same.

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61 thoughts on “Your Thoughts

      1. I know this is totally off the subject but….I purchased a firestick from amazon, and last night when the tv went on it showed the most GORGEOUS, STUNNING places all over the world. I was going to go to sleep, but I kept staring.It wasn’t a channel. Very wonderfully strange!

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      2. It’s not a show, it’s a slideshow. I guess it’s when you turn on the TV, it takes you there first. I don’t know, I haven’t really checked it out. I just purchased the fire stick. I am too happy to see my bed….I love watching before I fall to sleep. Keeps wonderful thoughts going in my head.. Did you ever see the movie ” Solent Green’? 73′ movie?

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      3. Oh lol. The scariest thing I’ve seen is a show or two on ghost whisper lol. And it’s been a 4 years since I have seen that show. I don’t even know if it’s still on 🤔.

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      4. I’m doing great! I’ve been at the beach almost all day today:). We are driving back to our room from dinner. I am enjoying much needed time away from work, and spending it with my family :). How was your day?

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      5. Words cannot express my thoughts…..when I see my son, playing with his daughter, jumping waves at the beach….brings me back to those family vacations at the beach when they were growing up……thank you!

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      1. We’ve had the traditional rotten hot, humid weather but a storm day here and there thats brought the typical 100+ degree weather down into the 80’s with lows in the 60’s! I ain’t complaining! Lol

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      2. Ohhh….Laura, you just told me that. I’m sorry. I don’t know where my head is…uh oh can’t use that one…I know my heads in the right place, because of this darn collar. It’s so hot, and stuffy.


    1. Same here…So your having high humidity also ;( I am so ready for fall, that would mean my neck brace would be off and I would be completely recovered and moved into my new home.


  1. I’m in south-central Kentucky, with rolling hills and narrow valleys. Twelve to fourteen years ago, we had summer temp averages of 80° daytime and 60° at night with lots of fog, which cooled the days a little. Now we’re hitting the 90’s and night time temps are low 70’s, and the afternoon temperatures are almost unbearable with humidity. You wouldn’t think it’s that much difference, but it sure is.

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  2. I’m in Central CA. The San Joaquin valley. Summer seems the same to me Hot. But the winters are different. we used to get fog so bad you couldn’t see to drive and one winter it was so cold my pipes froze. I haven’t seen fog in years now and the winters are more mild. we haven’t had enough freezing nights in a row to kill off the bad bugs and my garden is over run with beetles and earwigs.


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