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Shell Napkin Rings

Summer is here.I wanted to share this project .

I had some left over shells and beads from a bracelet I used on another project.. and wanted to try to create shell napkin rings.dscn1359

I had found these plain wooden napkin rings at a thrift store . The first thing I did was cut a slit through the napkin ring, just on one side. This will make it easier for me to wrap the sisal around the ring.dscn1277

I first put a dab of hot glue to the end inside to hold it tight when wrapping.


I started bringing the string through the slit and just kept wrapping it around.


When I was finished covering the napkin ring with the sisal, I then sprayed it with matte clear. I was hoping that this would keep all the unruly little ‘hairs’ on the sisal would stick together. This did make it easier to snip them off, leaving a clean look.


I gathered my shells, gold beads and pearls together. In hind site, if I was using a thinner string I could thread them through the shells and beads like I did with the other napkin ring. But…I had this sisal and wanted to use it, it looks beachy.dscn1295-2

I began gluing the shells onto a piece of sisal approx 5″ long. I added a pearl and gold bead above the shells. On the other side of the piece of sisal, I did the same. I made 2 of these strands. I then held the 2 strands in the center ( the shells and beads were dangling), I then made a knot.


After I was done with that I realized I need 1 more strand…so now I have 5 strands all together. I glued the onto the napkin ring with ‘Goop” multi purpose glue.


I think they came out pretty! With the other napkin ring, I started by painting the ring. I then used some string, and made 12 lengths 5″ each.


I wrapped the strings once around another wooden ring, then tied them in a knot in front. I then added the wooden beads


I think it came out pretty nice. Perfect for the fall.dscn1359

Wouldn’t these shell napkin rings would look so pretty on your table. Thank you so much for looking!



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