Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I wanted to show you an update I did to my kitchen cabinets. On these kitchen cabinets I used regular Latex Paint . These were my kitchen cabinets before my remodel. Worn out and dark. Not what I wanted in my kitchen. kitchen cabinet remodel, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painting
I removed all the door fronts…32 of them!
A good tip: I made a rough drawing of the kitchen as to the cabinets location . On the paper I numbered each cabinet. Where the hinge was going to be screwed in on back of the door, I put the coordinating number with a marker. This made it so easy to remember which cabinet door went where. I removed the hinges since I was replacing. I sanded, a lot of sanding. I then painted the cabinets. I let dry, sanded lightly,then re coated. They still looked plain to me. I wanted to add molding to spruce it up a bit. My neighbor let me borrow his Miter Saw. If I would have done this with a miter box, it would have taken me a lot longer. This was the first time I used a miter saw. It was so easy to make the cuts. I purchased lots of molding. There are so many styles to choose from. I made the cuts, working on one cabinet at a time. I used wood glue to attach the molding. I then followed with finishing nails. I used wood filler to patch the nail holes.
I made mistakes doing the molding…sure…but I finally figured it out.
What a difference new color, molding, and hardware make!
I like them so much better. I’m so proud of myself. It does take a couple of weekends, but the end result was worth it!
If anyone is thinking of doing this and has any questions…feel free to ask me!




    1. The most time consuming is the sanding. But that little mouse sander I had did the whole kitchen and other projects to. Best 25 ever spent. You don’t have to rush, best time to do before the holidays! I will help answer or give you tips as you go if you would like.

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    1. If you decide to paint, you first wash the cabinets in a mixture of TSP and water. This will remove any grease, oils, or anything else. If you paint, you don’t have to sand all the stain off. Just the topcoat (shiny stuff) and to smooth out.

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