Testors Marbling Kit

Recently I was given a new product to try out. It’s called the Testors Craft Marbling Medium. I’m not writing this as a review, You can purchase it at most craft stores that sell Rustoleum products. I just wanted to show you what you can do with this  wonderful new product. I  used it with the Testors Acrylic metallic paint,they also sent me, which has the most gorgeous metallic blue in it  (my favorite color) it’s to the far right.297593So here is the tutorial if you decide to try, or if you just want to see how well I did on an art piece. I’m not an artist, but after I made these for my home, these look like something you would purchase in a store.

The first thing that you MUST know is that the whole process will be really messy, so be sure to cover the floor and a large workspace. My first stop was the dollar store. I purchased some items I thought would be perfect to start off with, I know me, even when I paint, there is more on me. So I purchased a couple of plastic drops, and a large foil pan. (kind that holds a turkey) to catch the paint drippings.


I started early in the morning, when the weather was cool. I mixed the equal parts of the medium and paint color, mixed and let sit. I started with the darkest color first, the black,then added charcoal gold, blue. I started slowly turning in different directions.


This is what I ended up with! It is absolutely gorgeous! The colors look like little rivers flowing fluently across the plate….so pretty. I am so proud of myself!


I must add…Although I had plastic down everywhere, some of the paint did get on the cement. Although I did have gloves on, I did get some on me, and in my hair. The paint came right off the cement with the hose. I  my just jumped in the pool to clean myself off. This product cleans up so easily!






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