Reminder of June Giveaway!

Hi everyone, I hope your enjoying your weekend!  A friendly reminder again to remind everyone about the  free gifts for my monthly appreciation June giveaway.

The rules are simple: Each day you can enter by just clicking on the blue  a Rafflecopter giveaway

It will take you to my rafflecopter giveaway, where you add your name and email address. No following blogs, facebook or even twitter.

This month I have a gorgeous genuine opal necklace you can win:


….and this for him (or a fabulous diyer)

…and this for the doggie, your luggage, or anything you think of:


Wireless bluetooth tracker smart tag key finder/locator/ anti lost GPS keyfinder. That wraps up the gifts (get it? haha) for June.

Next month…calling all photographers, sellers on ebay, etc. I have a couple of cool gifts for you coming up! Also, jewelry for the ladies out there!

I would really like to know what you think of my giveaways. Good/Alright? Do you like the gifts?

Remember to click on:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and remember, the more you enter, the better chance of winning!!!

I will repost this again during the month and have the giveaway  to click on in each post I create this month.



26 thoughts on “Reminder of June Giveaway!

      1. You don’t have to sign up for any social media to enter…just your name and email address to notify the winner. My posts automatically go to my social medias, but you don’t have to follow me to win!


      2. Well, sure enough, look at that — there’s a second button under the Facebook one! Thanks! What came up was the Bluetooth not the necklace, but I assumed they were all in a group and went ahead anyway. This is a first for me, btw — my focus so far on WP has been entirely contributive so I haven’t gone for anything like this yet. Adventure! Thank you for taking the trouble to reach back 😘


      3. No problem at all Ana. I love the WP site and just wanted to give back a little something to my fellow readers. I am offering a free giveaway each month for a year. This is the third month. No strings attached! Just a way to say thanks, and it makes me happy!


      4. Well, short answer, yes! Long answer, yes, but challenges around transportation and transport, poetic ultra-poverty and lack of storage space are keeping me from them right now.

        ‘Round here if you hold one too often they come around and fine you for not having a business license. No such thing as free enterprise anymore — now it’s expensive enterprise! Haha!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. We have to get a city permit. But lots of people throw them without here. Where are you? I’in So. Ca.
        If you find an item, and you don’t have the room, you can upcycle…makes a great gift to someone.


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