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Organizing Shoe Storage

Whether you’re looking for creative ways to display your footwear or simply trying to maximize your storage space, these options should provide plenty of inspiration.

This one is from Closet Maid:


This one is from California Closets…masculine shoe storage…


Here’s another from California Closets:


And another from Closet Maid:


Here is a original Leonard Parker Lazy SusanOriginal_Leonard-Parker-lazy-susan-shoe-storage_hgtv_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.1288.jpeg

Jennifer Dyer:


I love that one!!! Look at this one…beautiful



No floor space? How about this on the back of your closet door…



Here is a few cool ideas for DIYers:


This is a simple, pretty way to store your shoes.


Thank you all for looking….hope you have a wonderful day. Did this post inspire you?

I did find this one that hangs and holds 30 pairs of shoes! Or this one

Have a great Sunday! And be sure to sign up for a Rafflecopter giveaway


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