Just Had To Steal This!!

Need a laugh for the day? You will love this! Thank you Yinglan!

I think that kid might want to stay over at Jason’s house for a while longer. Happy Hump day!

via Hump Day Humor! — This is Another Story



      1. Yes! I remember the song! (I’m 47) I don’t remember the name, but what was really funny was the fact that as kids we lived on a street called GRANADA drive, so the part, “here we are at Camp Grenada” had a slightly different meaning to us!

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      2. Thank you. Yes, but actually this conversation has given me an idea for my next post. There is an amazing story about what my parents went through during hurricane Katrina (in that same house) So, I’ll write about that. 🙂

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      3. I remember one of my sons first camp experience. I could see the fear in his face as the bus drove away. I did end up picking him up after the first day. I felt so awful that I pushed him to go there, I just wasn’t his thing. My other son was there to and loved it.

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      4. …and probably surrounded by kitties!
        We would go in a group of 3 moms, each with ei own kids. It was so fun. We camped out at the ocean several times. I loved the mountains too, except when there’s no a real restroom around!

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      5. One of my dear older friends (turning 90 this summer) was telling me how her mother made her a birthday party during the war – WWII, that is, by grinding a handful of dry corn kernels into flour, mixing it with water, rolling small balls, and boiling those in a couple of sugar cubes dissolved in water. People whose worse deprivation during the war was shortage of silk stockings (I actually read it in an interview) will never understand this!


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