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Let’s Make Squishies

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Today Mariah came over to do crafts with me, I love being around children. We decided to do squishies. Yes, I said squishies. Kids love them. You can buy them online and at the malls. But why spend so much money on collecting them when ..your children could design and make them themselves.


Above is really all you need. We found the sponges at Walmart for under 2.00. They also sell the Puffy Paint, but we are pretty well stocked here. These sponges are thick…very thick. We cut them in half, lengthwise. Ideas went back and forth….she wanted to make a Popsicle. I thought of 50/50 Bar…my favorite as a child. So Mariah drew a Popsicle. With a bite out of it.


We slit the sponge in half. We used a Exacto knife to cut it with….easiest! But scissors work also.


Doesn’t that look yummy!! We cut a slit on the bottom and glued a stick inside. Now for the really fun part…..Painting. I love Puffy Paint.


While Mariah was painting…I started making my own squishie….


A doughnut….with sprinkles and drizzle! Look at the frosting! I love Puffy Paint.Meanwhile Mariah has been working hard on hers. Look at hers…Isn’t it great!


We continued to make more shapes and stuff.We wrapped some of them. We cut off the top of baggie, cut the plastic to size…then heat and it shrinks around it.



You can also use these sponges for sponge painting this way

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19 thoughts on “Let’s Make Squishies”

    1. In warm weather, minutes. Really quick drying time. Handled in a couple minutes. You’re not soaking the pieces, just painting. Dries fast, so go ahead, it’s a fun project with kids!

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