Top Life Hacks Prt 2

My ‘gift’ to you is pretty awesome! I have found these great life hacks searching all over the internet that will help make your life easier. There is something for everyone. Some are so easy, you never thought of….like this one for your kids sandbox…1-kids-sand

Isn’t that just a awesome idea….you can even take this idea to the beach!

On the subject of kids…


How about this idea for wifi:


This is a great way to clean the microwave…83-microwave

I always soak a sponge with vinegar on a glass dish and set that in the microwave for 1 minute to air it out and clean.

While we are in the kitchen, here are some great hacks, the lemons look so pretty after using this technique to cut them..






This is a great idea…


Love dunking your oreos..


This has always been a favorite to keep kids entertained…I remember doing this when I was a kid…so fun


I just laughed when I saw this one…


A reader suggested I shorten these to just a few posts…I agree…so enough for now…let these simmer. Hope you enjoyed these ideas, and at least one sparked your interest…thank you so much for looking!




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