Trash to Treasure

Painting Resin Patio Furniture

For those of you that were skeptical about the ‘ lounge chairs’ and how you can spray paint resin outdoor furniture, and it comes out fabulous.

I was walking my doggies with some friends and I found these chairs on the side of the road. They had terrible stains, cobwebs, and just yucky. But I saw something different…a perfect up cycle. This is the chairs…


These had ugly stains on the seats…eww! Would you pass them up???? Or let them go into the landfill? They were in good condition…only one had a hole in the leg. Well I knew I could do something with them.


I took a wire brush and some orange cleaner….and scrubbed. Most of it came off. There still was a little bit of stain on the seat. I took Rustoleum 2x Clear Coat and sprayed a light coat over all. This would seal the stain so I can paint over it easily without bleeding through.


Just look at this beauty now! Isn’t it just amazing how you can take something so messed up, and make it pretty……and usable again. I am all about re cycle and believe it is such a waste to throw out stuff.


I have found so many of these on the curb. If I can’t use, I know there are neighbors or friends that would love them!




44 thoughts on “Painting Resin Patio Furniture

  1. Good evening 🙂 I got your message about the monthly drawing, but the comments were closed on the post and I couldn’t answer 😛 Can you send me the link for the challenge, please? I have a total blank about it… So sorry!!

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    1. It is amazing what you find sometimes! Keep your eyes open for any great ‘upcycles’. I find chairs on curbs all the time. There are so many upcycles you can do with just a regular wood dining chair!

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      1. Oh Vyvian, I am so happy! Please let me know if you find and makeover a find!!! And don’t throw out something you love. Upcycle. If your stuck on what to do with something, feel free to ask away! I love hearing from my readers!!!

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    1. Oh that is so great! People throw things out that are in good condition…just needs some love! Plus it keeps stuff out of the landfill. I would love to see your pics of a upcycle!!!


      1. Jennifer, don’t throw something away that you like, it can be made beautiful again. So it’s a painted metal table? If it’s just a painted table top over metal, you would have to sand it down to the metal. But that’s the worst scenario. It would be really helpful if you would please send me a couple of pics of the table? Send to I don’t want to advise you wrong.


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