Rock Turtle

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A young friend came over and she wanted to make a turtle.

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We started checking out all the stones I had tucked away awaiting a project.


I was thinking of putting it in this plastic tray and making like a turtle pond for it….

Well, she wanted to put it in her yard…..she won…of course…love kids! We played around with the rocks, making a turtle. This is what we came up with:


So…we painted the turtle with acrylic paint. Then she put the eyes on with a black marker. She did the head and feet, I did the body with darker green sharpie.


I think it came out cute! She is so happy! It was so cute when she was showing it to her mommy! (We lost the tail) 😦

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  1. Very cute. I’ll have to do this with my grandsons. We have the rocks already from making love rocks which they call “heart rocks” so we can easily do this. I would actually leave the rocks unpainted because they’re so pretty and look like the texture is so wonderful. I’m sure the boys will want to paint theirs, though.

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  2. I collect turtles so this is one of my favorite posts so far of yours and you do a lot of cool posts. I have a link back to one of your post on my latest post about food. Thanks for sharing all these cool ideas. I am back from a long road trip and I am just now catching up on everyone’s posts.


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