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Apartment Makeover – Metal Vase

I hope you have been following this apartment makeover from the beginning, but if not you can check it out here: https://kelleysdiy.com/2018/04/06/apartment-makeover-metal-clock/

Now that we have finished the clock, it’s time for that floor vase:

Also if you notice how her console is almost to the door. This is because the console itself is WAY to big for her apartment, as is the chair/ottoman. Instead of throwing the vase out, we decided to paint it the same color, Rustoleum Vintage Teal. Krystal, now becoming quite the novice, started spraying the vase with the white first. She remembered spraying it white first makes a color pop!


When it dried, she began painting with the Vintage Teal:


yes….I know….my garage is in bad need of a makeover!! We then went over it with the Rustoleum Mirror Effect like we did before on the mirror/clock. Just in a soft mist spray. I then painted the base Silver, also by Rustoleum. Here it is finished…I would like to add a thin line of silver around the lip of the vase. But, until she hears my new idea, this is how it looks till monday:

This is my craft room.It matches up my stuff perfectly…hmmm.

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