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Easy natural dyed eggs —

I know, I’m a few days late posting this, but I just came across it today at

These eggs are so beautiful and just had to share. This really works, and after seeing this post, I had to try one myself! The only thing I did differently was to poke a tiny hole on the bottom of egg, and a bit tinier on the top of the egg. Then I blew threw the top hole, so everything inside the egg comes out. You can do this over a bowl so you can save them for scrambled eggs. Then I rinsed inside till clean. So pretty to add to your decor, they look so pretty!  Thank you so much for your wonderful idea..


Is not like I reinvent the world, but thinking about it our ancestors were smart. I mean, who would think to boil the eggs in onions skin? For sure not us, because we have supermarkets and artificial egg dye in it. Back at my parents’ we used ink and I am not gonna lie, the […]

via Easy natural dyed eggs —


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