Easter Baskets For Grownups

Treat your older family and friends with a delightful basket that fits their passion.

Is there a home Chef in your life?? Wouldn’t this be would be an ideal basket-

And for those bakers, isn’t this next idea a wonderful idea for you to create for that someone special.


Do you know someone, besides me, that is a coffee lover? Fill a woven basket with a french press, personalized mug and their favorite brew packaged in a vintage tin. -spresso.

Who doesn’t love a good wine and chocolate pairing? This praiseworthy Easter basket comes stocked with a bottle of vino, matching wine glasses and an ever-iconic milk chocolate bunny. Kick it up a notch by crafting a “Happy Easter” banner for the front of the box that you can use year after year.


For that special someone who loves flowers, why not add cheer to your Easter table by creating one or all of these festive floral centerpieces.Then you can send them home with bloom-loving guests once the party’s over.

Is your favorite grown-up a soon-to-be mom or dad? Surprise them with a basket filled with everything they might need in the months to come, plus a few after-baby goodies.

Such a cute idea!!

Do you know someone who just loves watching movies? Treat them with this wonderful filled basket with popcorn, sodas, and candy  with perhaps a DVD nesting in the grass.

Want to give your someone special a Spa Day? Fill a basket with luxurious body butters, soft cozy slippers and soothing bath oils. Make it festive by adding in a decadent Easter-themed candie to indulge in while relaxing.

Do you have a snack addict? Fill a basket with healthy, yummy munchies. Round up their favorite orange-hued eats, a few clear piping bags and green tissue paper for a quick and it makes an easy gift idea.

For that Cocktail enthusiast, fill a basket with their favorite drink ingredients. A bottle of specialty liquor, flavored syrup, garnishes and a boozy coffee table book make up this basket.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any great ideas for gift giving Easter baskets…I would love to hear about them….please!





      1. ohh yeah 🙂 i think you told me before and we do have craft stores, but they are waaay smaller and with less selection than American stores. Not to mention that most stuff is imported and more expensive. Buying from other European countries is sometimes cheaper (shipping included) than going to my local store 😂

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      2. yep, I use it every now and then, more often I use amazon from UK or Germany because US Amazon uses only courier for int shipping and it is always same or more expensive than what I’m buying. I have been hunting for online shops all these years hahaha! If I go to US in the future, I will go craft shopping for sure 😀

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      3. ( I will add a , so that it doesnt look like spam): Amazon,de and sometimes Amazon,com
        sinelli,fi or sinooperi, fi (finnish stores)
        I’ve learned to be more creative with my supplies and make the most with what I have 😀 (sometimes I even do my own tools or repurpose materias, yep, I will do a recycled crafts post for Earth day, you just gave me the idea :P)

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  1. This brought back a memory of when I moved to Chicago. My mom is a bit of a doomsday prepper. I told her I didn’t need a pound of chocolate…so she sent me MREs, a thermal blanket, and water purification tablets!

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  2. What great ideas! I lost you for a while because of accidentally deleting a whole tranche of people I follow – clever, eh. However, I’m doing a lot less visiting these days because of my health as per my sticky post. But I had to comment on this. We’re not much of a family for marking Easter, except for chocolate, but you’ve given me ideas about birthday baskets. Thanks!

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