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Starting Makeover

I just wanted all of you wonderful people out there to know that I am taking the day off from making a post (you can’t count this one). A few days ago, I mentioned I was helping a friend makeover her small apartment. Gone are the dark colors and beiges. We are going light and bright to change over her place….but on a dime. That’s right, if you can’t afford to go all out and buy all new, then this post will be with you in mind. As I go along with this project, I am taking pictures to make a tutorial of everything so you can apply the idea to your home’s decor. for fraction of the cost.

These were her colors:  except no white or yellow in room…just dark.


Do you see the rusty looking carpet??? Wait and see what she replaced it for!

Are you excited about this??

  1. yes
  2.  no

17 thoughts on “Starting Makeover”

    1. It is getting interesting. She has never painted before, not even spray painted. It’s so much fun showing her….then letting her take over! She is doing her own thing….and having so much fun!!


    1. It is so fun. She has never done any makeovers. Has never even spray painted. Well, you should see her now. I showed her tips on how to spray, and she took over doing her own thing. hahaa


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