UpCycled Plastic Eggs

Your all familiar with those plastic eggs that come around this time of the year for Easter. I always had Egg hunts in the backyard when my kids where young. That was so much fun hiding the eggs, then watching them running back and forth all over the yard looking for that one egg. I always had that one egg…the big prize egg! Inside I tucked a bill inside and some special surprises!

So thinking of the golden eggs…why not make your own. I took the plastic eggs outside to spray….DSCN4722.JPG

Yes, those plastic eggs you can purchase at the dollar store…a whole bag for a dollar! Then I sprayed them with Krylon Looking Glass Spray paint


and to make some golden eggs….I used Rustoleum Mirror Effect


This is how the eggs turned out:


Before and after:

The silver eggs original colors kinda shine through. Don’t those look pretty? Those 2 cans of different paints I used on these eggs, I have used before on many crafts. Here are some:


I sprayed the starfish and some of the shells with the Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint. I also did the Mercury Glass look with it. Once I figured out how to do this..I think I did it to all glass jars and candlesticks in my house…

Those projects are under ‘Home’- Home Decor


The one below, I painted the handles, candle holder, and small flower pot:


With the Rustoleum Gold Mirror Finish Spray Paint I did these:

DSCN4296 (2)dscn4369


The Krylon is a little more in price….but it goes far. I still have both cans after doing all these projects with it.

I also did this with a soup can and Rustoleum Metallic Copper


I was taking pics of Easter Stuff and I thought I would throw in this pic:

DSCN4735 (2).JPG

I guess the  point I am trying to make here is….these cans finish a lot of crafts, so hang on to them.The metallic s  add so much shine and sparkle!

I took some pics I wanted to show you that has nothing to do with paint. I just wanted to show you how you can look at things differently and re purpose them. You know those candlesticks you get at the dollar store…You can do the mercury effect on them and you can do this:


Take the small candlestick and place the bowl on top with some clear E600 craft glue:


See how easy it is to make a regular bowl give more presence to the room, when it is lifted up under the candlestick. This is a work in progress…hahaaa.




  1. I love how the metallic colors look, specially the Rustoleum Metallic Copper. I’m just afraid that, once I get a spray bottle, I will be trying to paint everything with it until I finish the can. Oh, and that repurpose tip at the end sounds fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha! yep, definetely crafters of a feather. Oh! alright, I will take pictures next time. I haven’t post much of my stuff on Instagram but I think I will do so more often and I think I can manage to include them on my blog posts as well 😉

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    1. I had a large picture frame with glass. I took out the backing so just glass and frame. I chalk painted the frame a turquoise, then distressed the edges. I took a piece of material I loved (the same as I did the turquoise upcycled chair) and a piece of thin cardboard, and wrapped the material around the cardboard, gluing it down in the back. I then attached it to the backside of the frame n glass. I added to drawer handles to the sides and felt rounds to the bottom so it doesn’t scratch table tops. There you go, took less than hour all together. There you go! If you make one, I want to see!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We did some gold eggs for the church egg hunt. I had to go out of town early today so the rest will be there when I return. I got the mirrored, gold, silver and a crackle paint. I did decoupage one for my niece. It turned out nice.

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