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A Woman’s Best Friend, Too!

For all you doggie lovers out there….These are my two furry traveling companions. They love to travel and I plan on taking them all the way to Florida.cropped-doggies16.jpgThat’s Gidget on the left, Diesel on the right!

So, how about a pic of your doggie so I can put them in the post. Send to kelleysdiy@gmail.com

First person to send me a pic of there doggie is Raili Tanskablog   – Soul Gifts – Telling Tales
This is Tess in her new winter pj’s. She is a cut small cat size maltese/terrier cross
Candy http://www.geekmamas.com/  sent me a email:
Here’s pics of my 2 Aussies
Sierra (floor) and Keyane (dog bed)
Such beautiful aussies!

31 thoughts on “A Woman’s Best Friend, Too!

    1. Perhaps they need a pit stop?? hahaa. I went up the coast with my australian shepherd. Stopped to let him do his thing,as I was viewing the beauty of the ocean below, he went halfway down the cliff. It was so scary. I kept trying to coax him to come up.So scary!
      What kind of doggies do you have? Do you want to share a pic?

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      1. I don’t know where you are, but if you go to ‘ AdoptaDog.com sign up with them. You put your preference on size, age, color , etc. Then they email you with doggies in your area that need adopting.

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  1. Oh I love dogs, we don’t have any the moment just cats because we lost our little pom about 7 years ago and that wa hard. We are looking though so who knows maybe we will be dog owners soon. They are the best friends anyone could ever have and they always love unconditionally. Your dogs are adorable.


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