Awesome Hacks

I’ve posted some hacks for all around the house, but these are sooo awesome, and I just had to share with you!


























This next one is a good idea also. You can use a rake to hold many things. I hung one up out by my barbecue to hold all the utensils. Or another I decorated with flowers.



I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped a earring….somewhere on the ground. This idea is a good one too!

Did any of these ideas help you out. Let me know!!


Nice list Kelly. I often put nail polish on shirt buttons. the cookie jar is always empty but I remember putting that slice of bread to retain the softness of the cookies

Thank you Arlene!!

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      1. I recently saw this pan on a home show. It’s for the microwave, so you can actually get your chicken, etc. on the outside nice and cooked. It came a couple of days ago..and I’m sending it back! There were so many cautions in the pamphlet that came with it. One was to watch, and if starting to spark, unplug microwave. Another is that you have to stay near the microwave and watch when cooking. What???? Who has the time in this days world to stand by and watch a microwave for 15 – 20 minutes. Seriously, it sounded too scary to keep.


  1. Starting from the bottom..I love the rake.. Love the taco shells Love the 🔐 keys Love the floating noodle thing Like my cookies crispy so no go on that one..always did use garbage bags for packing and moving!an excellent idea, Love the yarn organizer, Screwdriver! foot bag And of course the box for the cat! Tho I would love to have one bothering me.😼😸

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    1. I posted your ideas Arlene…..I remember using the bread one years ago when the kids were young. I bring it out when my granddaughter is visiting and we make cookies together. I will definitely remember to do that one. I love the nail polish idea to keep buttons from falling off. Thank you so much Arlene!

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