Hacks For The Playground

An afternoon at your favorite playground is bound to throw you for a loop at some point. From critters in the sandbox to splinters on the seesaw, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. No worries — just try one of these hacks for a safer, more fun adventure. Read on and get ready to MacGyver your local playground!

Keep playground noshes cool and fresh by adding a DIY freezer pack to your bag. Put a wet sponge into a baggie, and put the baggie in the freezer. Bonus: The plastic bag helps prevent condensation, making it great for soothing playground booboos without a mess.


Bring baby siblings to the playground and let them play in a small inflatable pool. They’ll feel like they’re part of the action with the big kids, but won’t get run over by them.


Use toothpaste to remove permanent marker from wood…you can restore your furniture and hardwood floors.

Did you know…Use mayonnaise to remove crayon from the wall…I know..it sounds kinda gross…but it works!

Use fabric paint to add grips to your toddlers socks. 

Keep your kids from accidentally getting locked in or out of a room. Use a rubber band to keep the door unlocked. Place the rubber band over the door knob on the outside. Then make 1 twist and then stretch it to the other knob on the inside.

Bucket swings a bust? Clip on a Swingease a portable mini seat that securely attaches to standard swings, converting them to fit kids 6-36 months. Genius, right?


Oh No!! Where’s a bathroom??  No bathroom in sight? No problem! Download Bathroom Scout, an app that sifts through more than a half million public potties to find the one nearest you.


Put a sticker with your phone number on it, on your child when your on a family outing.

Be the hero mom or dad of the neighborhood playground by creating a Bubble Refill Station (glycerin, soap, water).


Now if your little princess insists on wearing her slippery, plastic “Frozen” slippers to the playground, squeeze on a few rows of glue-gun glue to boost grip.


Did you know if you use a lint roller after your crafting….it cleans up all the glitter!!

Have your little one sit on a dryer sheet while going down a static-filled slide.


Transform playground flower bed bricks into a curvy highway with chalk. Not to fear: It will wash off with the next rain shower.


Ward off creepy crawlers in the sandbox by sprinkling it with cinnamon before letting your little ones climb in.

blog_2012_05_08_1352-e1411795724120 (1)

Use a old spray bottle to create a ‘Monster Repellent’ that your child can sleep soundly knowing their rooms are’ scary monster free’. Make sure the bottle looks old. Draw with a marker a picture of a monster inside a red circle…then put a red line through the circle..

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small portion of any sales in the form of a gift card , at no additional cost to you.  I only share products I like, used and have ordered, OR products I want. It helps a little bit, with the cost of the supplies I need to create on this blog…


      1. Lol it’s Vanessa really but everyone calls me Ness or nessie which I like better so I thought nessie sort of rhymes well with things so added itinto my blog name lol.
        As for your post I like the sand pit idea with the cinammon and mayonnaise to remove crayon etc off the walls and to put your phone number on your child when on days out. Some really good tips I will give them a try

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