Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

I was asked to make a Thanksgiving wreath, with just what I had on hand. Well, I love a challenge! This Turkey Wreath won me ‘First Place’ in a Challenge!


I had been to the dollar store a week or so ago to get candy for the ‘Gumdrop and Lollipop’ craft. While I was there, I grabbed a few of these wire wreaths, and bunches burlap ribbon.

I started by wrapping the burlap ribbon around the wire wreath;

I noticed the burlap was unraveling on the ends, so I sprayed Rustoleum 2x Clear Coat Sealer on it. You can get that at Walmart or home improvement stores.

I then took a garland off one of the mirrors decorated for Thanksgiving.I started putting the garland on with thin florist wire. I then decided to hot glue the rest of it.

I continued all around the wreath, gluing the garland down. You can purchase garland like this  at craft stores.

I have a shoe box filled with autumn goodies.

I placed the turkey on first, since he was the biggest. I then tied a bow with some pretty green ribbon with gold trim on each side, and put it on top. I took a orange ribbon  and looped it around the wreath at the center, then tied a tight bow for hanging.

I have this rack set up in my craft room, which I use a lot to hold up my wreaths when I’m creating them.


I put some sunflower s in the center of the bow. Here he is…hanging on my front door..

I hope you like this. Pic up a wire wreath and burlap ribbon at the dollar store…then use what you have to decorate. A lot of the small pieces are from those bags of different of fragrances you can buy. I purchased mine last year for some candle holders. They smelled so pretty. They have lost their fragrance, but not there usefulness!




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