Pine Cone Candle

Well it’s getting dinner time. So while it’s cooking, I’m going to show you this really easy craft you can do for Thanksgiving or Christmas..You can literally do this in about 10 minutes.

All you need for this project is:

  • Pine cone
  • Taper candle
  • Christmas Greenery (from wreath /garland)
  • Wire (thin)
  • Christmas pick

First let me say, I was looking at this pine cone I had in my ‘going to be a idea’ box. This box is just for neat things, different objects I find at the park. I was looking at the pine cone and noticed the bottom had a open space in the center. I instantly thought of a candle holder. Great Thanksgiving and Christmas.See below, the bottom of these pine cones..


If the top of your pine cone has a point, cut that off the pine cone. The bottom is going to be the top, and top, the bottom.

This is what your top will look like after you cut some off.



As you can see in the next photo how I wrapped the wire around the bottom.. leaving out 4″ of each wire after wrapping.


Now I had this piece of greenery also, I wrapped each end of the wire around the greenery to sit in the center and be stable. I didn’t like it…not enough greenery.


Well, I haven’t unpacked my Christmas Stuff….But I did have a pick. These pictures are before and after  I pulled it apart.


So I put the greenery with the silver in it on top of the other greenery and it made it a lot fuller.


You could do the same thing with the Christmas greenery they sell , for a table, kinda shaped like a diamond….well 3 pine cones put on that would be a beautiful centerpiece.  And it’s fast and easy. And…you probably have most the stuff you need already.

Thank you for stopping by..



      1. Really?? I don’t know why you can not see them.. I can see all my comments.and it’s open for public..You have to go all the way down to the posts. You may have to provide your email information as well…I just verified that. Let me know still problem exists..Please.


    1. Oh!! You can do so much with them….lucky lady!! I made a Christmas tree from a bunch last year.Gosh..the wreaths you could make with them!!! They would be lovely gifts for friends and neighbors!!


      1. Yes, exactly and one year I put some in mason jars with artificial leaves for Fall looked fantastic in my kitchen theres a blog I did somewhere and there the smaller ones to but what do you attach them to when you make wreaths. I’vE never tried and moneys tight always for families this time of year. Please do tell and thank you I’ve been trying to think of other ways I could use them to for this time of year. I remember spray painting them in scho when I was younger and making smaller gifts with them but didnt and werent able to do so much with them in school with limited time we coudlnt go to in depth! Great idea!

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      2. I made a awesome ‘fairy jar’ that was such a big hit. If you have any younger children, or if you just love your gardens, it looks awesome, especially at night. Just put ‘fairy jar in the search on my blog. If you put ‘mason jars’ in my search box it will take you to several ideas on mason jars I have on my blog! Love those mason many ideas!!


      3. Where did you see it?? There are lots of different ones out there. I used the glow in the dark paint on the outside…so it glows in the night. The fairy lights are awesome if they have a timer on them!


  1. I love this its beautiful! What an idea! Thank you! I’ll be sticking close by! He he! Love all you do and thank you for sharing. These are the reasons I like the blogging world unlike social media,at times its always pleasant and all are friendly and help others. I read a blig and it stated Hell Has a Special Place For Women That Dont Help Other Woman it wad about women getting bullied. Very unique post people dont talk about it. Thanks dear great post!


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