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Easy Thanksgiving Day Crafts

Thanksgiving Day is coming upon us. Lots of family gatherings, sharing thoughts of why we are thankful. I put together some crafts that I found that look so yummy! As I say that, I’m am thinking of all you wonderful cooks out there getting your ideas and recipes ready.

So here are some ideas….hope you enjoy…


Isn’t that so cute…and yummy! Here is another…This would be a great gift for a child to make for the bus driver, crossing guard, etc…


and speaking about kids….wouldn’t this be a fun project for mom to work on with their child…


Wouldn’t it be fun for each member of your family to make a cut out of their hands….you could make so many wonderful crafts with your hand prints…I’m thinking wreath..but here is a cute one..



Those are so cute with feathers….and easy for kids to do! What if everyone wrote on a feather design what they are thankful for…you could do this

Here are some crafts for mom….Do you remember my Coffee Sign made from beans…    well here is another idea with beans…


this next one is sooo beautiful!


this is a cute way to dress up any little jar with a candle…


This is a pretty centerpiece…


I hope you remember mine….dscn3250


So…which one do you think you would like to try? I would love to see all of your wonderful ideas!! USA, LLC 

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