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Halloween Pumpkins Part 1

Halloween is approaching quickly! Time to get your pumpkins ready!!! Here are some ideas I know you will love…


So many out there are cutting out the artificial pumpkins and making a diorama..


Isn’t that pretty cool… faux-pumpkin-centerpiece-candle


Wouldn’t these look beautiful on your table! Or another scary one:



You can paint the pumpkins with chalk paint, then in crevices add a darker color to shade. I spray painted one of mine gold…I first cut off the top of pumpkin about 1/4 down.then added some flowers…it looks so pretty on the tables capeDSCN3250.JPG

Have fun carving out those pumpkins…whether they are real…or artificial. Have fun with it!!!



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    1. Grab them up!! They look so pretty decorated. You don’t have to go traditionally when your decorating. Spray paint or paint, add sparkles, glitter, whatever you want. Who said they have to be scary.

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