Buttons, Buttons, Buttons! Updated

Hi there! Recently I had put up a post that had shown a ‘button bowl’. It was made from Mod podge and a balloon. You loved that idea! I was asked by a few to show more button projects. Most of you were amazed at all the different treasures you could create. So, I added a few more ideas for you, even with my initial. So you’re thinking, where do I get all these buttons?  They are on almost every article of clothing imaginable like shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, jackets, coats, skirts, and even bags, wallets, and purses. You can go online and purchase them by the bulk . You could even purchase wood buttons in bulk, these are so beautiful and inexpensive. So, just to excite you… here are some more crafts you can make with your saved buttons.

First though…I want to show you such a button craft made by Raili Tanska at blog   – Soul Gifts – Telling Tales


Isn’t this the cutest caterpillar! Feet are made from buttons!!!  Love to post your project!









Yes, you could make jewelry with buttons:




























































Has one of these inspired you?? Which are you looking forward to make? Let me know, and please send me a pic when you’re finished! I love seeing your projects.



    1. Oh no!! Isn’t that just how it is sometimes. ugh. start saving again. check out the thrift store for neat buttons on shirts and jackets. Or you could just order them from a store. either way…they have them all over. It’s just better to buy in bulk. Saves a lot of money. It’s like 100 for under 3.50

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  1. I got a bucketful of buttons! have never done anything quite like these with them though. The best thing I saw once a long time ago was a pair of stilettos covered in buttons. They were just awesome 🙂


  2. OMG! I love this, they are works of art. I especially love the dress and the peacock.
    I got my grandma’s button collection, I have no idea how long she collected buttons, but it was years and years. There are buttons from the early 1900’s, she once told me she started saving them when she was a little girl, she said when her aunt finished sewing a new dress or a shirt she would put leftover buttons in a jar for my grandma and as she got older and her aunt taught my grandma to sew my grandma would save her left over buttons. She was always buying pretty buttons we would go shopping and grandma would go into stores that sol button, and rummage sales (that is what they called yard sales back then), junk stores (thrift shops). I filled a large mason jar with some and made a really cute lamp, but I still have a box full of beautiful buttons and I think this would make a wonderful project for me this winter.
    Thank you Kelley for sharing these beautiful pieces of art.


    1. How wonderful for you!!! Wow, those are really special buttons. If they are different types of buttons, I would make something that you could see every day to cherish the memories of your grandmother. This is just sooooo special Patty. Let me know what you decide.


      1. I sure will, I have been racking my brain trying to come up with something not so big that I could put her picture in.
        I briefly went through the box of buttons (so many) and I noticed these tiny black buttons with clear rhinestones in the center and medium size just like the tiny buttons I think they would be perfect for the dress i want to do, and I’m hoping to make small ones for all the granddaughters and if I have it in me the great granddaughters as well. I have searched high and low for someway to use the buttons and share with my sister and cousins and this is it.
        Thanks again.


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