Giveaway Over!

The winners have been randomly selected by Rafflecopter. Check out and see if you are one of the winners are:  a Rafflecopter giveaway 

One of the winners, I accidentally deleted…Tonya from sewtonya@gmail.com  


I will let each of you know what you have won within 24 hours.

Winners will be notified by the Sponsor with the Prize they won!!

Thank you everyone for entering….this was just so much fun!!!!


80 thoughts on “Giveaway Over!

    1. Nobody ever reads my posts thoroughly, you’re not the only one! I will let you know by tomorrow afternoon who won what. Then I will email you with the winner of your gift. You then email them, Congrats, and go from there.
      You will know tonight or tomorrow what you one!

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      1. I looked and found you won a gift certificate for “Oh My Balm”. You can email them and let them know you’re the winner from my giveaway! Sometimes business owners get busy.

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      2. I am just sooooo happy to hear that!!! So many people have said the same! It makes me feel so wonderful…my heart is overflowing with happiness that this giveaway made so many happy. I am beaming!

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      3. I am so very happy for everyone!! I have such an appreciation for all those who Sponsored and for all of my readers. I am so happy for everyone. It’s so nice when people tell me how excited they are…just gets me more excited. The Blog anniversary is August 28th. My birthday is Sept 1..how did you know??? I don’t celebrate with anyone but myself…I survived another year, and I am so grateful!

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      1. There are 3 more runner ups…If extra prizes. I’m so glad you won…I really don’t know the people’s name as much as their website. Yours I remember, because we talk back and forth, and I remember your name is in your profile name….I’m getting old.

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  1. I won!!! OMG. My first time ever. I’m so thrilled. Thanks Linda for your graciousness in facilitating this giveaway for your 1st blogiversary. It was fun. I look forward to hearing what fab gift I’ve won.~cheers


      1. 😂😂😂 It’s a great one to use though! You can do more simple projects that aren’t as tedious…I started out simple and it all depends on my freedom of time as to what I’ll work on. Thanks again, and I love your blog!

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