Laundry Room Painted Sink

So I’m getting the house ready for sale and find myself looking all around the house for projects that have to be done. Yesterday,  I had a pretty productive day!

The first project I wanted to get done was the laundry sink. It is a mess!!

This will be interesting to see if it cleans up well.This sink is used for everything!I first washed, scrubbed, the sink, and above is what it looked like when it was all cleaned.

There is a very strong odor. Keep a window open, and a fan on, and wear a mask. I wore a respirator mask, didn’t smell a thing. Also, remember to wear gloves. I wore regular latex gloves. Do not use a roller or a foam brush. Use a poly brush. Do not shake the can, you will end up with bubbles!  Instead, use a paint stick to stir slowly.  It is a bit thicker than paint. I started in the back of the sink on top by the faucet. Be sure to mask off your faucet with painters tape. Brush one way. You only have a little bit of time for it too become sticky so make sure you fix  any drips. You may have to do more than one coat, but do not add more than 2 coats. This is what my sink looks like now…

It may look a little yellowish, it’s coming from the light above. I loved the way it came out so much….I painted the front and legs too!


Doesn’t it look Brand New!!!   So what did I use? Rustoleum Specialty Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit!  This is a great product:

So….ready to do your sink??



      1. I remember seeing your post – no, mine are Art Deco ceramic. There is no sending and painting them. I’ll have to take a picture and send you. There are little nicks here and there that look like pockmarks – that’s what I mean by touch up.

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  1. Come do mine! 😂 Good grief I have a list. My next project will be to paint my front door. I already know what I want to do, it’s getting motivated to do it is the problem! Your sink looks brand spankin’ new! Great job!

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    1. If your front door gets sun….be sure not to paint it at that time. Pick morning or evening,when your door is cool, and be sure to use a outdoor paint.What color are you going to use? I’m so excited for you. You have a list!! Once you finish your first project, you watch, you’ll get totally thrilled with your results and yourself. Then you’ll be ready to tackle another..the first project is always the hardest to start. The door is a easy one…just light coats and let it dry in between.

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      1. Thanks for the tip, because yes it sure is in the sun! I want to use outdoor chalk paint for a distressed look. Pomegranate for the first layer and a slate blue on top…distressed edges to reveal the red underneath. I may even lightly stencil a pineapple in gold. If I don’t like it, or get tired of it, I can paint right over it! I’m a little “escared ” to start the first one…it’ll be like opening Pandora’s Box!

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      2. Hi Wendy! Take the plunge….you will be so happy/proud of yourself afterwards! Your ideas sound wonderful! If your door cools before dark, then you have more time for it to dry, and it won’t need to be used so much. I can’t wait to see your finished project. Remember before and after pics. You can do it Wendy!!!

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