UpCycled Fountain

If you have been looking through my projects you know I love to recycle and repurpose. Whenever I go to a thrift store, garage sale, or even find a discarded treasure on the curb, I always look at it in a different way then it’s previous use. I can almost promise you, once you complete an upcycle/repurpose, you will never look at a item the same way again! Always think outside the box .

So, here are some repurposed and upcycled items that were once trash, and turned into a treasure.

I found this treasure discarded on the side of the curb.  You can see it is cracked, broke in half, pump doesn’t work, and filthy. Would you have picked it up?

DSCN0992 (3).JPG

I knew I could do ‘something’ with it! You just don’t overlook something like this….here is what it looks like after the repurpose.

DSCN1006 (2).JPG

You can find the tutorial here…https://kelleysdiy.com/2016/09/30/upcycled-fountain/

I also found these discarded on the curb, would you have picked them up?

This is what I did with these plastic, filthy chairs:

Here are some more of my before and afters you can find under my ‘Trash To Treasure’ category:

I found this brown dining chair discarded on the curb, filthy ugly, now look at it:

chair makeover

Don’t you just love that fabric! This is what I did to my black computer chair:

I may spray paint the legs in a gold, bronze, or silver….haven’t decided yet! I had this bench I wanted to blend into my decor….so I chalk painted it and added glaze.

I believe your front door tell a lot about your home. Here is my front door redo

I love the color…it just pops!

Love those Giani Countertops! One kit which includes everything! Rollers, sea sponge, sandpaper , paints…everything you need to do your counter tops!


bath-vanity-makeover-bathroom-ideas (2)

Again, Giani White Diamond kit, Homax tub n tile on the sink, painted the cabinets and put new hardware on. Check out more of my re cycles and repurposed treasures!

Here are some ideas to repurpose furniture:

Lawyers’ Bookcase

This antique cabinet serves as a handy nightstand with its ample storage, wide counter space and tons of character.

Wood Soda Crates

Four old soda crates make a combination coffee table and shadow box. The crates were attached to an old table base, then a piece of tempered glass is laid over top.

Dewey Decimal Table

This side table brings together many elements and styles. Retro metal legs were attached to an old library card catalog cabinet, then a mirror was placed on top for a little glamorous flair.

Pinball Wizard

An old pachinko game was repurposed into a conversation-piece table. To make the transformation, ornate legs were simply fastened to the bottom of the game.

Log Slices

This pair of accent tables was made using rough-cut lumber and old metal chair legs. Design by Joanne Palmisano.

Reverse Stencil

There’s almost nothing paint can’t fix. Floral patterns were blocked out over the original wood finish while the whole table was painted white. The results are earthy-looking flowers on a crisp white palette.

Outdoor Table

Old coffee tables are a perfect addition to a front porch. Look for a flea-market special and use a high-gloss, exterior paint that will stand up to the outdoors.

Front Door

An old door finds new life as a coffee table. The rustic finish is perfect for a family room — you can put your feet up, spill soda on it, not use your coaster – it doesn’t matter – it’ll all add to the natural, rich patina. You’ve seen front doors used for so many projects like headboards and tables.

From the Typing Pool

Old metal typewriter tables can often be found at flea markets and antique shops. These sturdy structures are a perfect height for a bedside table.

Barn Wood

Weathered timbers make a solid table and can go with many styles – rustic, old world, contemporary, eclectic and more. The angle cuts on the legs of this table give it an Asian flair.

Pink Spool

A littel pink paint helps turn an industrial wire spindle into a combination coffee table and book rack.

Wood Crates

Two old crates stacked on an industrial cart make a portable shelf. The hinged openings make it easy to hide away clutter.
Did I inspire you? Hope so!!! If you have a before and after project…I would love to see it…as other would….come on…inspire us!

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  1. These trash-to-treasures are terrific! I wish you lived here because I could use you for suggestions and ideas on the “trash” I find. Thanks for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is so sad 😦 Yesterday I took down my craft room boards…you can see what I mean here….https://kelleysdiy.com/2016/10/15/re-cycled-shutters/ and my paint storage https://kelleysdiy.com/2016/10/03/paint-storage-using-paint-sticks/, and ribbon holder https://kelleysdiy.com/2016/10/02/diy-ribbon-holder/ …all down….so sad, but I had to patch and paint. I just work for a few minutes and then put my foot up….I also did a sink yesterday that I’m going to post.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I actually did really well yesterday. I had made a folder named MY MOVE. Being an ‘organizer’ I made a list of everything I have to do, to get the house up for sale. I mean everything, which makes it more healthier mentally and physically. You ask ‘why’ I say ” the feeling of accomplishment each time you cross something off the list”. I have helped a lot of people pack, unpack and organize. Yes, I’m strange, I love packing and unpacking, and of course putting everything in place. No, I’m not a prude! I’ve always loved it!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I can understand that, and I certainly understand the feeling of “crossing things off the list. – do that myself!
        Packing and unpacking, though, is very traumatic for me, so my hat is off to you!


      1. Ohh, you’re in UK. Not sure if you have it there. Go online, search, Craigslist.com See if you have one first. Also check with your home improvement store.


    1. Thank you Kristabella! I had entered my first challenge with that makeover…..It won first prize! I was able to purchase a new oven and microwave with the winnings! What sweet memories. It makes me sad I’m leaving my oven….love it!


      1. Already been and explored you castle. I was bit like Alice in the wonder land. Your site is brilliant. Looking forward for more of your creative skills. Thank you Kelley.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh you are so welcome! I love your site also. I am having a problem with comments and edits…I can’t do either one since this past weekend…put in a help to wordpress…waiting to hear back. Thank you so much!


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