Bud Vase

Easy Craft kiddos will love to do~


My mom gave me this bud vase over 30 years ago. I just realized that…long time! Anyway, I wanted to add some color to it. I had purchased these assorted size ‘ spouncers ‘
A while back ago and hadn’t used them yet.


These are the spouncers. I purchased these at Wamart for under $5. I love these things!


I picked out my colors…


Tip: Put your vase upside down when doing this. Since you don’t go up the whole vase, it’s easier this way.
I put some of the colors on a dish. I used the smallest spouncer for this project. I started with the turquoise. I dipped the spouncer in the color and dabbed on the vase


I went all around the vase with the turquoise. Each time….I dabbed in paint then on vase. When I was finished with the turquoise, I kept on going until I had…

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