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Sea Shell Outdoor Table

I wanted a small table to go between the lounge chairs I up cycled.
I had a 20″ terra cotta pot that I painted yellow. I purchased a bag of sand and a 24″ glass top. I already had a bag shells.
A terra cotta pot is very heavy. I wanted to be able to move it around without hurting myself…so I gathered pieces of Styrofoam and cardboard to fill the pot 2/3 up from top, this would keep the pot from being too heavy.
seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (1)
I cut a circle from cardboard that fit pretty good on top.
seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (2)
Then I added the sand.
seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (3)
Then I added the shells:
seashell-outdoor-table-outdoor-furniture-outdoor-living (4).jpg
I don’t know how this one got lost…it was one of my first project to share on my DIY website almost a year now. It was really a big hit. On Hometalk , I won my first Challenge! Over 1million I was so excited.
It is so beautiful….so easy to make…and is a wonderful memento of your happy times at the shore. Think of all those shells you collect, and the special memories behind them.
You will love making this for your patio..


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      1. Sleeping so much….strange..but it looked so much better than the last time. I took pics of both, you would not believe it. I almost sent them to you last night in a email, but I decided it might scare you! 😆😅😂🤣

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