Photo Ledge DIY


You’ve seen these ledges all over the internet. They are perfect for that special collection of Photos and Mementos.

It is so easy to make! I will show you 2 ways to do it! The first way is to use 1″ x 2″ wood pieces. Cut 3 pieces, stain, glue together, then staple when dry.

Looking at these I realized I had seen them before…hmm. What if you could do this for free. It’s the same principal I used on my ‘Paint Storage Using Paint sticks’. That’s right, paint sticks. You can pick some up in the paint department for free.


You can’t stain them if any of the red markings are showing. So if you want to stain, put it together with markings hiding in the back and front. Since I was using these for paint storage in my craft room, I wanted color, so I painted:


You can hang them up with a couple of screws either way. This is what I did with them when finished, but you could easily flip them around like the stained one.


The space between the paint sticks is exactly the size of the bottles. They fit in there snug. I have had this up for almost a year now….works perfectly, with no problems!!!

age/40843/GreenKidCrafts4boxnotext.jpg” border=”0″ />



      1. I am such a European-bred city girl that I only feel comfortable in an apartment, not a house. To me, a house is a place within walking distance of the beach where you only stay during the summer and spend most of your time outdoors. That’s what we had in Russia, complete with an outhouse and a little wooden cabin with a water cistern on top for a shower, and we moved there in June and came back to the city at the end of August.

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      2. and you could rent it out when not needing it.
        We have a lot of ‘snowbirds’ that come down here for the fall and winters, and spring, so I guess they are the ones that need a house.

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