How To Arrange Living Room Furniture

I have been asked by friends on so many occasions how to arrange their furniture. Our homes come in all different shapes and sizes. No matter if your rooms are big or small your furniture arrangement will make your room more enjoyable.

101819395.jpg.rendition.largest (1)

I started with the pic only above because of the pillow on the sofa…..does it look like my rug??


Let’s start with the long room and only entry at one end.


There is no need to crowd your furniture. Leave room for traffic and an entry drop spot. Your cozy main seating pieces should be up to the fireplace facing each other. Use end tables as landing spaces on both ends of the sofa. Pair chairs to balance the visual weight of the sofa and to maximize seating. Notice the cozy setting on the other end of the room.

But what happens if you don’t have free walls? Well, you then float the furniture in the center of the room:


You then anchor it down with a rug and coffee table in the center. Notice the cozy seating arrangement is lined up with the fireplace. There are two chairs facing a sofa. This encourages conversation.  Now you frame the room with storage cabinets, and cozy seating with a couple of chairs and console in between.

Now if your living room doesn’t have a fireplace, just arrange the seating so it takes advantage of whatever view your room has to offer, whether it’s a TV or a beautiful wall of windows. You can create a vignette of favorite objects on a console or a bookshelf.

I picked the picture below because of the end table. It looks like a upholstered base. Be on the lookout people….that is a future project for me!! I have the perfect base to work on!!!


Always arrange your room for conversation. Seating across from each other. Be sure to allow for traffic patterns. Your coffee table should be about 18″ from the sofa.

Entertainment Seating:


Place your television and computer so the screens face away from the sunlight. The viewing distance for a standard TV is 8 to 12 feet, and the best viewing angle is not more than 30 degrees. For traffic flow, create paths that flow behind viewers and not between them and the screen


Need more storage in your living room??? If you have a larger room you should use wall-to-wall built-ins and a smaller room freestanding pieces. Make sure there is some storage near the TV, if you have kiddos, this is a must!

101858617.jpg.rendition.largest (1)

Notice the storage difference in size of the two rooms above.

Notice how the round pedestal tables below give more space to walk around .When space is tight, use nesting tables for flexible use when needed.


I hope I helped you a bit with your furniture arranging. Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Good idea about storage by the tv! All the DVDs are in a basket beside the tv and the almost 1yr old has started carrying them all over the house 😳

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      1. I’d say somewhere in the middle. The stuff is meant for girls ages 8-14. It starts July 1st, I will make a post about how to enter and stuff.
        The items will be mostly accessories for girls, I will have pics of them in the post on how to enter.


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