My Fig Tree Story

20170619_093812I planted my Fig tree 3 years ago. It had a abundance of Figs last year….and the birds loved them. I didn’t get a single one. Figs ripen only on the tree, so you can’t pick early. And I’ll be darned if the birds don’t know exactly the minute they are ripe. I wake every morning at 5am. The first thing I do is check my gardens. I have tried covering up the tree with a net to keep the birds out. But the tree is high and I can’t keep them from going under the net….tricky birds!  I even stopped feeding the birds for a while, which I really didn’t like to do. I love feeding the birds, and watching them. But then I get the doves. The doves are so messy, they poop on everything. Then I spied something shocking on my back lawn. Hawks had spied my birds, and started attacking them almost weekly. It was heartbreaking to see. I tried throwing rocks toward it, sprayed with the hose, even turned the sprinklers on them, to no avail. It kept tearing apart the dove.

So, not feeding them was the only option. I keep the fountain filled with water for them, but that’s it. I refuse to provide the hawks with a smorgasbord with doves as the entree.

So anyway, I cut the tree to my height….5’3″…..more manageable, and easier to throw a net on. I also added cinnamon around the base to keep the ants away. Well this is how it looks now….(also the pic above)


Now a good friend of mine loves figs. When he discovered I had a fig tree…..he was so thrilled! I gave him about 20 figs last night, and this is what he did with them this morning:


Fig Jam!!!! Yum! Then there was a knock at my door….it was him at the door with a tub of his delicious Fig Jam! I have never had fig jam, and I tell you….it is delicious! Oh my! You can eat it with cheese, crackers, bread…just delicious!


So….thank you friend that doesn’t want his name mentioned.
Best Buy Co, Inc.


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  1. Kelly how do you know when they are ripe? I have some…the ones from the old growth are still hard..the new growth are tiny nubs.

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    1. They are first tiny nubs, then turn to figs. I have the Brown fig variety. Is that your kind too? If so, they have to turn almost all a purple- like -color, and be soft to the touch. Another way of telling is if they come off the branch easily….you know they are ripe. Take off all the bug eaten or over ripe ones, so they won’t attract bugs.


  2. If you start when the tree is young you can keep it to a bush size. That makes it more manageable to keep a net over and to pick. I had fig jam for the first time last year, it made me want a fig bush too. but first I have to clear out bamboo to make more room in my yard

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      1. It’s planted out, the garden centre said it would be OK in our climate and soil which surprised me but we trusted the experts. It gets plenty of rain! It also gets our compost, ashes, coffee grounds and plant food every so often. Oh well, it looks good even if it doesn’t produce much

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  3. What a great post. I’m having a similar problem with my grapes. The mockingbirds got every one of them. I have hawks too, but the hawks don’t seem interested in eating the mockingbirds. (They must know it’s the state bird, right?) Hrrrmph! I grew a fig tree at my old house, and it produced tons of figs. I loved them SO MUCH until the last two years I lived there. I have a latex allergy and over the years, it’s gotten worse such that I could no longer eat figs the last two years in my old house. No problem though. I gave them all to my neighbors who loved them. Made me feel good.

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  4. How that is so kind of your friend, I am impressed with the turn around on making Jam, that is fast.
    I am sorry to hear about your bird dilemma, it sounds like you have a real “circle of life” happening in your backyard, not fun to witness. Hope it resolves itself soon.

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  5. My husband has the same idea of using the net to cover the plum tree. I stopped feeding the birds several weeks ago, so not too many birds around my trees The trees had blossom in March, now the plums are all ripen, and there are about 400 of them. I gave at least 150 away. I ordered a plum pitting machine to take the pits out and hydrate them.
    Figs are nutritious. The fig jam look yummy. The Chinese make fig soup with some meat in it.
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  6. Oh my! Figs are so yummy. My grandad has some on his farm as well. When we go down for a visit it is always lovely to indulge on them and he also always gives us a few bottles of fig jam to take home. It looks like you have the green fig? Have you seen or tried the purple ones. They are my favorite, bigger and more juicy.

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    1. Thank you so much! I made the 4th July stuff last year…It’s the first time I ever make pinwheels. Don’t you love the big rocket with all the silver garland….I thought that was so cool. I have so much fun with TP and PP rolls.

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      1. When I am super happy, he pulls games on me since situations- one being my kids- and others, he bullies and will not support me and blows up if I lay a boundry down and makes me look bad. He is a covert Narcicssist. Next day he acts like nothing happened. No closure. And so sweet to butter me up for the kill again . I let down my guard and in 7 or more days am still full of anxiety.

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  7. Lovely healthy looking fig tree! Wasps and yellow jackets usually get ours before I do. I’ve only gotten 6 off our 5yr old tree. It’s still lanky limbs looking , not full bushed like yours. ~cheers

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    1. The leaves do a pretty good job of hiding the figs from the birds. I finally put a net over it yesterday…the sun is burning them and the tangerines! So I netted all!


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