Stainless Backsplash

During the past few days I have been rethinking my back splash behind my stove. It seems like every time I am making sauces, I end up with some on the back splash behind my stove. My back splash has the glass tiles, but there is stone in it too. It is such a pain  trying to get the sauce out of the stone. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this little problem.

So, I came up with the idea of putting stainless steel behind the stove. (I love the stainless look). I loaded up the doggies and we went to our home improvement store. I went up and down the isles, thinking and looking for something that would suffice for what I was looking for. Then we came upon the plumbing department. Then I came across this:


(I forgot to take a picture of the piece in the box, so when I was done with the project, I put the above left overs in the box above just to show you. ) This looked perfect..and under $7.00. Next I purchased some snipers:


I can always use new tools to play with!! When I cut the metal with the snipers, you can see small indentations. So I went back to the store, (doggies love the store, the people in the paint department always has goodies for them). In the Flooring department I found these end pieces that were with the stick on tiles.

See below how the sheet slips right in and makes a clean edge:


While I was there, I picked up this product I had heard so much about. It glues anything to almost anything:


Love this stuff! Well this is how it turned out:


So what do you think??? It is so easy to clean, and shines so pretty. You know me and sparkle!!! I forgot to mention that I used Krylons H20 latex  spray paint on the galvanized metal. I used this because the galvanized metal will rust. …I let it dry before I put it up, I did not use the Krylon primer, as it would make the H20 paint unable to adhere !!

Be sure to checkout the Dollar Tree Summer Catalog– Order online, and it will ship free to your nearest store.

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      1. Sorry I’ve been out of the loop a bit. The Mister and my elderly Mom both decided to do a bunch of stuff to see the inside of hospitals. :-/ They both are doing better, but the Mister is still bouncing around appointments.

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