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Kids Fathers Day Gifts

Father’s Day is almost here! I have round up a few wonderful ideas that your child can create for Father’s Day!

Plaster Handprint Picture


I remember doing this with my children. It is fun for the kids, and heartwarming for the father.

You will need:

A box frame
Plaster of Paris
Strong glue


Start by take apart the frame, and removing the box shape from it. Using strong glue, stick it very carefully to the frame back, making sure all of the corners match up. Leave until the glue dries.

Mix up the Plaster of Paris powder with water until it forms a thick paste. Spoon into your box shape and spread evenly.

Quickly, before it begins to set, press a hand (or foot) into the mixture. Leave to set.

Dad Photo Frame

Frames are so easy to make with craft foam. Another adorable idea is this photo frame

dad-photo-frame (1).jpg

You will need:

Card stock
Stickers and any other embellishments that you have
3 Photographs


Draw two D’s and an A shape onto the card, and cut out. Use a small pair of scissors to cut out the inside of the letters, too (younger children will need adult help or supervision).

Decorate your letters. We simply used stickers but you can use gems, ribbons, sequins, pompoms or anything else from your craft box.

Glue a photo to the back of each letter so that it fills the aperture. Trim any overhanging bits of photo away.

Layer the letters so they overlap slightly, spelling out the word “Dad”, and glue together.

You could laminate the photo frame to make it last, or enclose the whole thing within a larger Perspex frame.


My Dad Rocks

This is so easy for a small child. Starch and tissue paper is all you need.


or you can use paint! This is a cute paper weight!

This next one has a sentiment which is my favorite. I Love You To The Moon and Back

3-diy-fathers-day-gifts-from-kids (1)

Again, this is probably a project for older kids, because of all of the intricate work and precision required, but it is really sweet and looks so cool that it will have any father drooling from pride in no time.


This was a very easy one for kids!!


I found the card below on the Michaels website….I love this and Dad will too:



Decorate 8 wood craft sticks using the Crayola® markers. If desired, you can decorate both sides of the craft sticks, but only one side is necessary.
Cut a piece of construction paper 4″x5½”. Write your 5 favorite things about dad or other message. Use the image as a guide for layout.
Stack the wood craft sticks horizontally. Apply a generous amount of glue using the glue stick to the back of the construction paper piece. Press it onto the craft sticks making sure not to move the sticks. Rub your hand over it to make sure it is adhere well. Apply a little more glue if necessary.
Roll up the card and tie with a ribbon. Make a little tag out of a piece of construction paper that says “To Dad”, punch a hole and tie it on to the ribbon.

You know how much I love getting my tools out and creating something awesome. Well, this is great for the Dad that loves to work in his shop!


Isn’t that awesome!


16-diy-fathers-day-gifts-from-kids (1)





I hope I have given you some crafty ideas your child can make for their father!



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