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Dollar Tree Crafts

I love shopping the Dollar Tree. So many neat finds. If you live near one, I am sure you shop there often. Here are some ideas you can do with the items you find at the Dollar Tree. I Am so lucky to have one a few blocks away! I wish they had these when my kids were young.

In this picture,  3 cylinders were upcycled to hold beautiful flowers. Add some ribbon to the cylinders…so pretty.  You can also pick up these silver plates, mod podge and glitter for decorating, while you are there. So pretty.


The plates above are for decorating, you can not eat off them with the glitter

Below all you need is 3 of these plastic plates, and 2 wine glasses.


Isn’t this pretty. You can purchase a bunch of these compact mirrors and make this pretty wall feature:

I have purchased a few of these at the Dollar Store….but I never painted them like this…how pretty!


This person took a  bunch of ice cube trays and  stacked and nailed to the wall….creates great little cubies for all those small toys kids love to collect:


Thinking of kids….Isn’t this a cute idea.


You can stencil a pattern on a pillow…isn’t this pretty!

102618745.jpg.rendition.largest (1)

Those plastic gloves….isn’t this a cute idea!


What can you do with those white clear round glass fillers? modpodge a pic of something onto the back. Add mod podge again to back. When it’s dry, you can glue a magnet to the back and put on fridge!


Also in the floral dept. are these square mirrors. Glue them together to create a square, then glue one to the bottom. You now have a beautiful planter.


Those round tins you find in the school supplies. They are great to add a magnet to bottom and spices inside. Just put a label on. They charge so much for these containers in a regular store.


I would purchase a metal cookie sheet or a piece of metal,  and put on a wall in the kitchen near the stove…

Isn’t this pretty.


These trays are painted with  chalkboard paint!! You can get so many ideas from this.


All of these great ideas were done with supplies from the Dollar Tree. You can find so much online at the Dollar Tree. You get free shipping if you have it shipped to your nearest store.
$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

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29 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Crafts

  1. All great ideas! You can’t eat off plates with glitter but you can use them as chargers. Using wine glasses to make a three-tier pastry stand is ingenious! And finger puppets made of plastic gloves is what we did with kids in my school and camp – lots of fun! Gluing square mirrors into a cube is also good for buffet style parties, to create a multi-level presentation. It creates an illusion that there is much more food than you actually have.
    You see – where you are thinking crafts, I am thinking food!

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      1. Yes, I do have a store pretty close in the next town, the store is about fifteen miles from my house, so that is not so bad. Anytime we need anything we have to go to the next little town or drive to Louisville which is about sixtyfive miles, and when I go to Louisville I hit the stores we don’t have close to home.
        I was shocked when I read you were leaving Ca. are you staying in the west? When My first husband died I wanted to move back to the west so badly, but the cost of living was just too high. I could live good in Ky. out west I would have to watch every penny and probably work part time somewhere and as it turned out I could not have done that.
        Will you buy another house or are you thinking condo? I just wish you all the happiness in the world, you so deserve it.

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      2. I’m thinking of a condo. I have been out here my whole life…I want to spend the rest not having to pay such high taxes.
        I need a change of scenery.
        Wow, You can buy anything online at the store and have it shipped to your store for free.
        Are you in Kentucky? My BFF Moved to southern Ill. so close to Kentucky!


      3. Kelley I am in Kentucky, and yes you can cross the river in Western Ky. right into Il.
        People around here and I guess everywhere complain about their taxes, but I know compared to Ca., Ny., and so many other places we have it made. Isn’t it a shame that people work hard to pay off their homes, but every year they have to pay taxes on them, in my mind you never truly own your homes.
        I have ordered online and picked up at the store, especially when I know it is something I can’t get at our store. I love the Dollar Tree, it is my go to for so many different things. I just wish I had your creativity, but as long as I have your blog I can create haha, copy right?

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      4. That’s right Patty. Start with the easy projects, build your confidence….then tackle all your home improvement needs!! It’s not only taxes, but homes and cost of living.Watching HGTV I see other states, where your dollar buys a lot more house!!


      5. Kelley it is funny when I watch HGTV I think my heavens how can people afford to pay that kind of money for a house and they are not that big. I know what that money would buy around here, even in Louisville, where real estate is higher 500,000. would buy a huge home. and cost of living is so much cheaper and so are taxes that is the very reason I stayed here. I honestly don’t know how medium and low income people can survive in some states.


  2. Love Dollar Tree and shop there for my business. I do vendor events and usually buy different containers and then dress them, insert beauty products and wrap in clear plastic with ribbon – then sell each for $5 or $10 depending on size. The go fast.


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