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How To Revive An Old Sofa

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I have been asked a few times how they could revive their sofa. It’s not surprising since usually your couch is the focal point of most living rooms. It is one of the largest pieces of furniture, and family and friends always head for it for seating. Over the years a sofa can become stained, saggy, or outdated, tempting us to bite the bullet and purchase a new one. But…you can upgrade your sofa…and here are some ideas:


Reupholstering is not the only solution for a stained white couch—you can paint it too. “>Textile medium allows latex paint to permanently bond to fabric while staying soft and resistant to cracking. A little green paint and medium was all it took to turn this grubby sofa into a cool, vibrant fixture.

These Ikea sofas are nice but lack character:

gray-ikea-couch-before (1)

Tufted cushions make this sofa appear more tailored and expensive—at little cost. The look was created by pulling thread through layers of fabric, then securing a button to the front.


This sofa is in good condition….but could really use a update. How about removing the skirt:

white-sofa (2)

white-sofa-after (2)

First, the staples holding the skirt were removed with a tack puller and a pair of pliers. Once the skirt was detached, the remaining fabric was tucked under the couch to create a smooth line along the bottom. Finally, decorative nailhead trim along the arms and bottom added some extra pizzazz. In the end, these few simple, targeted changes not only modernized a great couch, but also made the room look more spacious.

The next before and after I am going to show you is something you can easily do yourself and make such a improvement to this tired sofa. Do you have a sofa like this?


For a quick update to this sofa, the homeowners first exposed the lovely legs that had been obscured by the couch skirt. Then, to amend the sunken seat cushions, they removed the old stuffing and replaced it with Poly-Fil batting. Finally, they traded in the floppy cushions along the back of the sofa for plush pillows that can be easily swapped out as styles change.

brown-couch-after (1).jpg

I have had to stuff my cushions on my couch also. My doggies like to lie atop the sofa,and the pillows start to sag. You can purchase the fill at Walmart, that’s where I purchased mine. If you can’t find the batting, I found this “>batting online really inexpensive at this  craft store….Create and Craft.

Here are some more before and afters:

outdoor-sofa-before (1)

and after:

outdoor-sofa-after (1)

It really didn’t take too much to uncover this sofa’s potential. While the frame was in excellent shape, it was in desperate need of a fresh coat of black paint. The cushions received an easy upgrade with a tablecloth reborn as a slipcover. A few decorative throw pillows later, this bargain find was successfully revamped into a stylish outdoor couch.

So how many of you out there have a futon? Whether used as couches or beds, futons are a dorm room staple. But what happens once you’re not a student anymore? This DIY makeover adapts this college kid must-have for a more mature living space.


This refinished futon hack would look quite at home in any grown-up space, yet it comes at a price even a recent grad can afford. To achieve this transformation, the futon frame was disassembled so the panels could be modified and rearranged in a new configuration. The original futon mattress was cut up and washing reconfigured to fit the new dimensions, then covered with heavy-duty canvas that had been  hand-stamped in a cheerful pattern to create a one-of-a-kind couch.


Permanent marker is tough to remove, despite washing and dry cleaning, so recovering the cushions was the best solution. This no-sew slipcover project offered a simple alternative to reupholstering, while the graphic print paid playful homage to the couch’s stained past.

Check out this wonderful chair makeover.

Easy-slipcover-instructions-367x600 (1)

You can get the instructions here:  http://www.remodelaholic.com/slipcover-instructions/

Remember when I made over my computer chair?

computer chair front.JPG

conputer chair back.JPG

Or the chair I found on discarded:


I started painting with chalk paint…..and I love this fabric….It looks so pretty in my closet!

Thank you for looking!
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      1. A drop cloth is what painters lay down to protect the floor surface and other surfaces while painting. The are a heavy cotton. I am going to purchase some to make drapes for my pergola. It is so easy to paint them using a stencil…or just leaving them plain. They are off white in color.

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