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Mother’s Day


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Sunday is Mother’s Day…..the day we celebrate moms everywhere! I wanted to find some really good ideas for kids to do to celebrate and show their love.

This first one, I just love! All you need is:

img_9987 (1)

Ohhh….you need a small child too:

Footprint-Butterfly-Flower-Pot-Mama.Papa_.Bubba_.-Blog-800x593 (1)

After the feet are on the paint….take a marker and draw the body of the butterfly. Then spray the outside with Rustoleum 2x Clear coat sealer. Isn’t it adorable!!

You know those wood or paper mache letters you see everywhere? Why not visit the Dollar Tree and pick out some pretty stems of roses. Remove the stems from the roses..then glue the roses onto the Letter:

gallery-1459990696-dsc09177 (1)

Isn’t that pretty!

For the next one….do you have any wine corks? These are really easy to do for older children:


I loved doing this same craft. So easy to do. Get out your soup cans…spray with Rustoleum Copper, Gold, or any color you want.


Then take some craft paper, and spray with Chalkboard paint. When dry write with chalk what is going inside. Cut and glue the tags onto the can. Tie some twine around it to give it some depth. Always add small pebbles to the bottom so when you water…the soil doesn’t stay too wet!

This is a cute idea….so easy and most of the stuff could found at the Dollar Tree.

gift-wreath.1 (1)

I would add some paint or washi tape to the clothespins to make them more colorful.

This next one is such a nice idea;


52 Things I love about you Mom….


Isn’t that cute!!

Find a old container, paint it, then Mom, Grandma to them.


I had seen so many string projects all around the internet…here is a cute idea for mom.


I know there are some cooks out there that would love these to decorate their kitchen


So easy to do. All you need is some painters tape, wooden utensils, paint, and string to tie around them in a bow. You get that crisp line by adding the painter’s tape where you want to end the paint.

How about a banner….isn’t this sweet. You can use scrapbook paper to make the banners. Use a hole puncher and punch each sides on top. String a ribbon thru the first hole, then up in second hole, etc. Use embellishments of letters with glitter, flowers and of course ribbon!


Here is another idea:


Stepping stones….kids love this!


If you have wax paper, pillar candles and some paint…look what you can make:


Come Together Kids

Have a wooden tray? Add some contact paper, scrapbook paper, or you can just paint


Come Together Kids

I myself am working on some projects of my own…so stay tuned

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!


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